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  • Flutter
    • FlutterGoogle's cross-platform application code engine
    • Flutter or Flutter SDK is the application code iOS and Android that Google has introduced to the world programmers. With Flutter, you can build a fast and beautiful application from a basic codebase.

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    • free
  • SQL Operations Studio (preview)
    • SQL Operations Studio (preview)SQL Server Management Tools
    • Microsoft SQL Operations Studio (preview) is a free, multi-platform tool for managing SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and Azure SQL Data Warehouse or any other tool area.

    • 74,3 MB
    • 430
    • free
  • Pascal
    • PascalSoftware Programming
    • Pascal is a kind of computer programming language in command format, very suitable for structured programming. Pascal's outstanding features are easy to read, easy to learn, command-driven, and have a variety of data types for you to choose from.

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    • free
  • Free Pascal
    • Free PascalFree Pascal programming software
    • Free Pascal is a professional and free Pascal programming program. Free Pascal supports many computer architectures such as Intel x86 (including 8086), AMD64 / x86-64, PowerPC, PowerPC64, SPARC, ARM, AArch64, MIPS and JVM.

    • 38,3 MB
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    • free
  • Notepad ++
    • Notepad ++Programming language programming
    • Notepad ++ or Notepad Plus is a free programming language editor that supports many different programming languages ​​such as: ASP, PHP, Java, C #, Python, Jsp ...

    • 4,1 MB
    • 377,869
    • free
  • OpenGL
    • OpenGLEnhanced 2D, 3D graphics experience
    • OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) is a graphics technical standard, supporting 2D graphics application programming, 3D hardware independent operation.

    • 12,8 MB
    • 19,061
    • free
  • Adobe XD
    • Adobe XDWebsite design software and mobile application
    • Adobe XD (or Adobe Experience Design CC) is a graphical software that includes many useful features to create and share many designs for mobile applications and websites. After a long period of testing, Adobe XD was officially launched and free to all users.

    • 1,717
    • free
  • Jarte
    • JarteMulti-utility text editor
    • Besides MS Office, there are free tools like OpenOffice or EasyOffice. However, a text editor other than the strange interface, more beautiful than the traditional Word that is Jarte of Carolina Road Software.

    • 4,5 MB
    • 10,420
    • free
  • Eclipse
    • EclipseThe most popular Java programming environment
    • The Eclipse IDE or Eclipse is the most widely used IDE for computer programming and is the most widely used Java IDE.

    • 46,5 MB
    • 1,085
    • free
  • Android Studio
    • Android StudioAndroid programming tools
    • Android Studio is Google's own standalone programming tool that replaces the old Eclipse version. Android Studio includes: Android Studio IDE, Android SDK tools, Android 5.0 (Lollipop) Platform, Android 5.0 emulator system image with Google APIs.

    • 758,1 MB
    • 2,957
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