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  • School Book for Windows Phone
    • School Book for Windows PhoneBlogging app on Windows Phone
    • School Book is the first blogging application that allows you to directly manage your learning at your fingertips. By leveraging the full functionality of the app, you'll never miss any important information.

    • 3,7 MB
    • 618
    • free
  • IPCam Monitor
    • IPCam MonitorFree surveillance camera application
    • IPCam Monitor is a surveillance application for IP cameras on PC, Windows Phone. IPCam Monitor is quite simple to use and supports multiple monitors at once.

    • 813
    • free
  • Photo Scan for Windows 10
    • Photo Scan for Windows 10Extract text from images
    • Photo Scan for Windows 10 is a free, easy-to-use, text-to-picture extractor. The application is designed to handle a variety of images from scanned documents to photographs.

    • 4 MB
    • 1,185
    • free
  • Recipe Keeper
    • Recipe KeeperFree Handbook for Windows
    • Recipe Keeper is an application that helps housewives and sisters quickly learn many famous recipes around the world. At the same time, you can immediately share them with your senses about the dish.

    • 1,8 MB
    • 674
    • free
  • pCloud for Windows 10 Mobile
    • pCloud for Windows 10 MobileOnline storage application for Windows 10 Mobile
    • pCloud for Windows 10 Mobile is an application that helps users store all digital photos, videos and other files online. Users can easily access and view anything they like from their Windows 10 Mobile device.

    • 5,3 MB
    • 266
    • free
  • Squid
    • SquidApplication creates handwritten notes
    • Squid is a natural drafting application that uses it like paper, but with the versatility and cutting edge of modern technology. With this application, users can do anything beyond regular paper. The app supports both Windows Phone and PC.

    • 30,1 MB
    • 884
    • free
  • Day Counter for Windows Phone
    • Day Counter for Windows PhoneFree day counting application on Windows Phone
    • Day Counter for Windows Phone is a free mobile date countdown application with many customizable options. It supports Windows Phone 8 devices and above.

    • 2,5 MB
    • 320
    • free
  • EVNHanoi CSKH for Windows Phone
    • EVNHanoi CSKH for Windows PhoneLook up power on Windows Phone
    • With the desire to serve customers better, Hanoi Electricity Corporation officially launches customer care software EVNHanoi CSKH for all three most popular mobile platforms today: Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

    • 18,1 MB
    • 335
    • free
  • It's Gonna Rain for Windows Phone
    • It's Gonna Rain for Windows PhoneWeather app for Windows Phone
    • It's Gonna Rain for Windows Phone is a weather app with a relatively simple interface that provides the current basic weather information and forecasts for the future.

    • 14,8 MB
    • 679
    • free
  • InstaNote for Windows 8
    • InstaNote for Windows 8Voice note application
    • InstaNote is a note-taking application within Microsoft's Microsoft Garage project that allows for quick and easy notes creation across multiple devices.

    • 3,5 MB
    • 696
    • free