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  • Desktop feng shui for Windows Phone
    • Desktop feng shui for Windows PhoneView compass by feng shui
    • Feng Shui Compass is Vietnam's first complete compass software developed by the Vietnam Association of Geomancy Geomancy and Suburban Multimedia Association with the correct index fingerprint suitable for all subjects. used to measure and calculate feng shui.

    • 3 MB
    • 15,856
    • free
  • Vows for Windows Phone
    • Vows for Windows PhoneCompiled articles on Windows Phone
    • Vows for Windows Phone help to synthesize all traditional Vietnamese offerings such as New Year's Day, full moon day, anniversary, wedding day, worshiping the land, worshiping the land of the gods, breaking ground, how to get rid of ....

    • 2,6 MB
    • 238
    • free
  • Seeds for Windows Phone
    • Seeds for Windows PhonePlease quit early on Windows Phone
    • Perfect Thumb for the application of sorghum for Windows Phone, help users to sow on their mobile crickets. The application consists of 64 hexagrams in Chinese characters, detailed explanations of each hexagram.

    • 7,5 MB
    • 838
    • free
  • 2016 for Windows Phone
    • 2016 for Windows PhoneWatch the horoscope on Windows Phone
    • 2016 for Windows Phone gives you information about bad luck, love, career, fortune, date and time of business, age to do business with people, things to do, what to avoid in 2016.

    • 4,1 MB
    • 823
    • free
  • Windows Calendar for Windows Phone
    • Windows Calendar for Windows PhoneCalendar viewer application on Windows Phone
    • "Van Nien Calendar" is an application that allows you to view yin yang day, zodiac information, direction of departure, time of departure on different days.

    • 28,6 MB
    • 6,364
    • free
  • Calendar for Windows Phone
    • Calendar for Windows PhoneCalendar of the year 2016 on Windows Phone
    • The calendar is like helping look up the lunar calendar, the solar calendar, the zodiac clock, the weather, the work notes, the horoscope daily in the Horoscope ... easily.

    • 7,9 MB
    • 1,207
    • free
  • Calendar for Windows Phone
    • Calendar for Windows PhoneLook up the Vietnamese yin-yang calendar
    • A completely new experience in Vietnamese yin-yang calendar with modern user-friendly design, giving you the information you need to choose good, bad days.

    • 2 MB
    • 4,299
    • free
  • Great for Windows Phone
    • Great for Windows PhoneView feng shui the good
    • Great Wall is a good use to look up feng shui easily on the mobile phone, fully integrated functions as well as information on feng shui today.

    • 8 MB
    • 1,145
    • trial
  • Teenage suit for Windows Phone
    • Teenage suit for Windows PhoneThe fortune teller application by date of birth
    • Based on the stars around the date of birth, the horoscope tells you how your finances are, your health notes, your tips for success in career and love for life. Your more perfect.

    • 4 MB
    • 1,238
    • free
  • Ngu Linh calendar for Windows Phone
    • Ngu Linh calendar for Windows PhoneLook up good time under the Ngu Linh
    • Good time search software according to Ngu Linh for experts in research. The spiritual calendar is the source of the calendar, the horoscope ...

    • 1 MB
    • 1,881
    • free