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  • Clouds of the alpha (Moving Clouds)
    • Clouds of the alpha (Moving Clouds)Learning Vietnamese rhymes
    • Moving Clouds is a game for children from 6 to 12 years old to learn Vietnamese rhymes effectively. This software is located in the CD Viet Games 7 by the School Computer Technology Company.

    • 88,7 MB
    • 433
    • free
  • Celestia
    • CelestiaSoftware explores the universe
    • Celestia is a free, open source, very impressive 3D space exploration software. In addition, Celestia has a number of third-party add-ons that help you view the universe from any point between the planets and stars.

    • 32,8 MB
    • 11,888
    • free
  • Learning - Teaching Vietnamese 3
    • Learning - Teaching Vietnamese 3Support for learning Vietnamese
    • Learning - Teaching Vietnamese 3 to support effective teaching and learning English class 3, accurate simulation of each lesson in the textbook Vietnamese 3rd grade of Education & Training.

    • 60,1 MB
    • 8,522
    • free
  • Memory Memory
    • Memory MemoryMemory training software for your baby
    • Software Memory training is divided into 10 parts, each of which helps them train their ability to recognize a particular field. Such as forging pronunciation, spelling, word recognition, word meanings, synonyms, animals around ....

    • 28,6 MB
    • 10,171
    • free
  • MathType Plugin
    • MathType PluginPlugins support MathType
    • MathType can be used as a software service (SaaS), WIRIS plugins must always be installed in the web application server. The whole WIRIS plugin is a combination of server technologies (PHP, Java, ASP.NET) and browser technology (HTML, JavaScript).

    • 663
    • free
  • Basic Mouse Skills
    • Basic Mouse SkillsThe most popular mouse training software
    • Basic Mouse Skills or Mouse Skills is a simple, lightweight and free mouse training software for new users.

    • 1 MB
    • 927
    • free
  • Kids Learn Spelling Fun
    • Kids Learn Spelling FunShe learns 500 words of English through pictures
    • Kids Learn Spelling Fun or Kids Spelling Fun is a free baby English-language learning application with over 500 basic English words.

    • 104,6 MB
    • 934
    • free
  • Cabri II Plus
    • Cabri II PlusGeometric drawing software
    • Cabri II Plus is a useful, multi-functional mathematical and geometric drawing software. This version of Cabri II Plus Portable does not require installation, just click the Download button and run the program immediately.

    • 56,1 MB
    • 150
    • trial
  • eSAMS
    • eSAMSOnline support software
    • eSAMS is an online enrollment software that helps you manage your enrollment records, enrolls you online, manages enrollment records, enrollment results, and more.

    • 238,1 MB
    • 598
    • free
  • Zen: Coloring Book for Kids
    • Zen: Coloring Book for KidsColoring books for many topics
    • Zen: Coloring Book for Kids is a free coloring and painting application for children. Parents can download and install Zen: Coloring Book for Kids on their Windows 10 device to keep their kids entertained and learning - all in one small, handy application.

    • 236,3 MB
    • 908
    • free