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  • Splashy for Mac
    • Splashy for MacDownload and change wallpaper automatically for Mac
    • Splashy or Splashy Art Wallpapers is a free desktop wallpaper manager for Mac. With Splashy, no need to manually take time, this tool will automatically download beautiful wallpapers and set new wallpaper for your computer every day.

    • 43,3 MB
    • 787
    • free
  • World View Live Wallpaper for Mac
    • World View Live Wallpaper for MacFree animated world theme wallpapers
    • As the name implies, World View Live Wallpaper for Mac will bring the world to your computer. World View Live Wallpaper for Mac is a beautiful and absolutely free wallpapers application for Apple PC users.

    • 505
    • free
  • Live Wallpaper for Mac
    • Live Wallpaper for MacBest animated wallpapers application
    • Live Wallpaper for Mac is a beautiful wallpaper application with clock and weather forecast. With rich animations, Live Wallpaper for Mac users have the power to "put" on their desktop computer but the new "shirt" inspired to work every day.

    • 675
    • purchase
  • Artipip for Mac
    • Artipip for MacApply art wallpaper for free
    • Artpip for Mac is a free, lightweight wallpaper application located in the system status bar after installation. Artipip for Mac makes boring desktop screens become more alive each day by painting masterpieces.

    • 45,9 MB
    • 190
    • free
  • Living Weather HD for Mac
    • Living Weather HD for MacCreate attractive weather backgrounds
    • Living Weather HD for Mac is a very unique wallpaper application. Using this application, users not only admire the high quality natural images, but also capture the weather today.

    • 470 MB
    • 287
    • purchase
  • Desktop Aquarium 3D for Mac
    • Desktop Aquarium 3D for Mac3D aquarium fish tank gorgeous
    • Desktop Aquarium 3D for Mac is a live wallpaper application for animated 3D aquariums for free.

    • 63,9 MB
    • 1,130
    • free
  • Wallpaperer for Mac
    • Wallpaperer for MacAutomatic desktop wallpaper change for Mac
    • Wallpaper for Mac is an optimized application and automatically changes the wallpaper of your smart computer. Desktop images are taken from the best photos posted on the user's favorite Reddit community.

    • 47 MB
    • 127
    • free
  • Backgrounds for Mac
    • Backgrounds for MacRich wallpaper application for Mac
    • Backgrounds for Mac is a unique wallpaper application designed specifically for Apple computers. Backgrounds for Mac provides rich interactive wallpapers, integrates with system statistics, video, images, time, etc.

    • 652
    • purchase
  • Background image for the 2017 Mac
    • 13,3 MB
    • 718
    • free
  • Artpaper for Mac
    • Artpaper for MacArt wallpaper application for Mac
    • Artpaper for Mac is a beautiful wallpaper application for your computer. Download Artpaper for Mac users will enjoy the beautiful paintings from the world's famous libraries and museums right on the MacBook screen.

    • 663
    • free