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  • FrostWire for Mac
    • FrostWire for MacBitTorrent client is useful
    • Although FrostWire is a "latecomer" brother of LimeWire PRO's popular search and sharing software, FrostWire is slowly gaining ground in the online community.

    • 10,2 MB
    • 1,139
    • free
  • Download Master for Mac
    • Download Master for MacDownload Management Application
    • Download Master for Mac is the best download manager on Apple devices. Download Master for Mac is available on the Mac App Store and is being sold for up to 66% off.

    • 827
    • purchase
  • Gramblr for Mac
    • Gramblr for MacInstagram image upload software
    • Gramblr for Mac is a desktop application that helps users upload photos or videos to Instagram quickly. Gramblr for Mac provides detailed instructions, so anyone can use it easily.

    • 16,2 MB
    • 465
    • free
  • Total Video Downloader for Mac
    • Total Video Downloader for MacDownload professional video software online
    • Total Video Downloader for Mac is an extremely easy-to-use yet extremely fast online video downloader on the Apple computer. Total Video Downloader for Mac can download all the videos on the most popular media sharing channels today.

    • 1,159
    • trial
  • Cyberduck for Mac
    • Cyberduck for MacSupport for downloading files via FTP
    • Cyberduck for Mac is an open source application that can connect and upload files via FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, and even Google Docs.

    • 93,1 MB
    • 2,512
    • free
  • Download Shuttle for Mac
    • Download Shuttle for MacSuper fast file download application for Mac
    • Download Shuttle is a free and fast file manager and download manager for Mac. As a result, users can significantly shorten the waiting time when downloading files to the machine.

    • 4,3 MB
    • 497
    • free
  • Mac for Mac
    • Mac for MacUpload photos, videos to Instagram
    • Mac for Mac is a mass-mailing software that any Instagram fan should install. Mac apps can keep the size of the photo or cut it to a square, and at the same time, allow the user to insert comments on Instagram posts more impressively.

    • 15,8 MB
    • 621
    • trial
  • Downie for Mac
    • Downie for MacSimple download manager software
    • Downie for Mac is a simple download manager, which provides the ability to save streaming video from various web pages to the user's drive.

    • 26,9 MB
    • 261
    • trial
  • Ummy Video Downloader for Mac
    • Ummy Video Downloader for MacDownload video & music application for Mac
    • Ummy Video Downloader is an application that downloads high resolution video from YouTube or saves your favorite songs to MP3 audio files. This is an easy-to-use Mac video downloader with many useful features.

    • 13,2 MB
    • 269
    • free
  • Replay Music for Mac
    • Replay Music for MacUnique music downloader software
    • Replay Music for Mac is a unique music downloader that anyone should install on their computer. It not only has the ability to download music online, but also records all the audio files the user hears on the MacBook.

    • 34,2 MB
    • 541
    • trial