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  • TeamViewer for Mac
    • TeamViewer for MacControl your Mac remotely over the Internet
    • TeamViewer lets you control your Mac remotely over the Internet, so you can control the remote display for quick and easy help.

    • 43,1 MB
    • 75,996
    • free
  • SideSync for Mac
    • SideSync for MacConnect your Samsung phone to your Mac
    • SideSync for Mac is software that connects your phone and Mac computer, allowing you to perform multiple operations and share files between two devices.

    • 30,2 MB
    • 797
    • free
  • Hotspot Shield for Mac
    • Hotspot Shield for MacSurf the web safely, securely
    • Hotspot Shield VPN for Mac is a powerful internet connection security solution for Mac. It encrypts data sent and received over the Internet, protecting personal data of users, including credit card information, passwords, downloads and instant messages.

    • 2,1 MB
    • 75,978
    • free
  • Wireshark for Mac
    • Wireshark for MacNetwork protocol analyzer for Mac
    • Wireshark for Mac is a tool for analyzing network protocols for Mac. Wireshark allows you to view the details of existing network protocols, capture packets, and analyze those packets offline, as well as VoIP analysis.

    • 40,1 MB
    • 319
    • free
  • Betternet Unlimited VPN Proxy for Mac
    • Betternet Unlimited VPN Proxy for MacSecure virtual private network for Macbook
    • Betternet Unlimited VPN Proxy is a free virtual private network (VPN) software for Mac. It allows you to access blocked sites, secure data, and anonymity when browsing the web.

    • 3,5 MB
    • 213
    • free
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac
    • Microsoft Remote Desktop for MacAccess your Windows PC remotely using your Mac
    • With the Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac application, you can connect your Macbook to a remote Windows computer and work with resources from virtually anywhere.

    • 14,9 MB
    • 2,696
    • free
  • TripMode for Mac
    • TripMode for MacIntelligent network data management
    • TripMode for Mac will block the bandwidth usage of some applications so that users save space on the Internet when 3G or limited Internet connection.

    • 11,7 MB
    • 849
    • trial
  • Network Radar for Mac
    • Network Radar for MacProfessional network management system
    • Network Radar for Mac is a user-friendly network management software. Network Radar for Mac can scan your network for information on connected devices, perform network security tasks, and much more.

    • 11,2 MB
    • 893
    • trial
  • LiteManager for Mac
    • LiteManager for MacRemote desktop management software
    • LiteManager for Mac is a simple yet powerful remote desktop management software. LiteManager for Mac can connect them via IP or create own IDs at a glance.

    • 4,1 MB
    • 720
    • free
  • inSSIDer for Mac
    • inSSIDer for MacSearch software, test WiFi network speed
    • InSSIDer for Mac is a simple and intuitive Wifi client. The inSSIDer for Mac also provides information about network signals and how to encrypt their passwords.

    • 11,5 MB
    • 773
    • free