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  • Tor Browser for Linux
    • Tor Browser for LinuxAnonymous Web browser for Linux
    • Tor is a software designed to protect users who have the ability to prevent others from tracking your Internet connection to see which websites you visit; Hide the originating IP address of the Internet access machine when sending or receiving information over the Internet.

    • 67,5 MB
    • 2,115
    • free
  • LastPass for Linux
    • LastPass for LinuxPassword management software on Linux
    • Lastpass for Linux is a password manager software that allows users to store, manage login information, passwords, personal data, etc. all in a single software archive with only one password. Best. Instead of having to memorize all the information, the software will save you time as well as increase the security of your information.

    • 1,8 MB
    • 686
    • free
  • Deep Freeze Enterprise for Linux
    • Deep Freeze Enterprise for LinuxSoftware freeze hard drive
    • Deep Freeze - a utility that protects the system has become quite familiar to most users, especially technical staff or work related to Internet stores, schools ...

    • 7,8 MB
    • 33,029
    • trial
  • VPN Unlimited for Linux
    • VPN Unlimited for LinuxSecure web browsing on Linux
    • VPN Unlimited for Linux is one of the safest security applications on the market, allowing users to browse the web anonymously, changing IP addresses through secure encrypted connections.

    • 2,1 MB
    • 501
    • trial
  • Snort for Linux
    • Snort for LinuxSystem Security Tool
    • Snort is a free, open source program that detects network intrusion and prevents intrusion by performing real-time packet record and traffic analysis on IP networks.

    • 4,5 MB
    • 1,835
    • free
  • Metasploit Framework for Linux (i386)
    • 169 MB
    • 1,558
    • free
  • UltraEdit for Linux (64 bit)
    • UltraEdit for Linux (64 bit)Software programming language editing
    • UltraEdit is used to edit text, HEX, HTML and some other programming languages.

    • 78,3 MB
    • 1,598
    • trial
  • VaultletSuite 2 Go for Linux
    • VaultletSuite 2 Go for LinuxSecure email encryption
    • If both users are using a VaultletMail account, the email message will be encrypted during the full transmission.

    • 25,1 MB
    • 601
    • free
  • BackupGoo for Linux
    • BackupGoo for LinuxData backup
    • When you use Google software like Gmail, Google Calendar or Google Docs, if you want to find a software that will back up your data on these services in case you do not want to, then perhaps. BackupGoo 1.0 is an application d

    • 8,8 MB
    • 1,126
    • trial
  • Jutoh (64-bit) for Linux
    • Jutoh (64-bit) for LinuxEbook file creation software
    • Have you ever wondered, Ebook files or accompany the software, how to do? There are many software to create eBook files like: Help WorkShop (from Microsoft), Fast-Help (by DevHost) ...

    • 20 MB
    • 1,202
    • trial