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  • Mozilla Firefox for Linux (English)
    • 34,7 MB
    • 125,350
    • free
  • Mozilla Firefox for Linux
    • Mozilla Firefox for LinuxWeb browser for Linux
    • Mozilla Firefox is a fast, full featured web browser. Firefox includes pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, Google search integration, simplified privacy management, streamlined browser windows.

    • 52,3 MB
    • 199,954
    • free
  • Google Chrome for Linux
    • Google Chrome for LinuxSuper fast web browser
    • Google Chrome For Linux - A version for the Linux operating system, this is a web browser that combines a neat design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer and easier.

    • 46,8 MB
    • 12,531
    • free
  • Adobe Flash Player for Linux (64 bit)
    • Adobe Flash Player for Linux (64 bit)Supports flash player on the browser
    • Adobe Flash Player For Linux is a Linux-based, browser-based version that lets you view flash images while surfing the web.

    • 9 MB
    • 36,107
    • free
  • Adobe Flash Player for Linux (32 bit)
    • 5,7 MB
    • 140,241
    • free
  • Zalo for Linux
    • Zalo for LinuxChat Zalo for free on Linux
    • Zalo for Linux is a native Vietnamese instant messenger application with many features and benefits that you should not miss out on.

    • 7,2 MB
    • 4,521
    • free
  • Opera Beta for Linux
    • Opera Beta for LinuxA powerful web browser
    • Opera Software has released a beta version of Opera 12 with codenamed "Wahoo," the latest entry in Opera's Web browser series.

    • 49,5 MB
    • 4,731
    • free
  • Opera for Linux
    • Opera for LinuxWeb browser for Linux
    • Opera for Linux is a fast, secure and totally free web browser. Allows users to easily surf the web, read news, watch videos, listen to music online, access Facebook, download videos quickly.

    • 47,9 MB
    • 31,421
    • free
  • Chrome OS Linux
    • Chrome OS LinuxThe browser-based operating system for Linux
    • Chrome OS Linux is a new operating system, built from the "revolution" of Google Chrome browser. The purpose of this project is to provide a compact Linux version for users to have the best browsing experience.

    • 800 MB
    • 3,137
    • free
  • Mozilla Thunderbird for Linux
    • Mozilla Thunderbird for LinuxEmail Client for Linux
    • Mozilla Thunderbird For Linux is a Linux version that gives you faster access to your email, and is easier to use with the smart spam filter built into the RSS Reader.

    • 48,7 MB
    • 2,709
    • free