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  • Black Lite for iOS
    • Black Lite for iOSBeautiful animated wallpaper for iPhone
    • Black Lite for iOS provides a stunning animated wallpaper for your iPhone. The vibrant colors will make your lock screen become more splendid than ever.

    • 90,1 MB
    • 775
    • free
  • Ringtones for iPhone! for iOS
    • Ringtones for iPhone! for iOSIPhone ringtone maker application
    • Ringtones for iPhone! It's an iPhone ringtone app that lets you customize any of your favorite songs quickly and easily as a ringtone for your iOS device.

    • 115 MB
    • 938
    • free
  • iPhone X Wallpaper
    • iPhone X WallpaperBeautiful wallpaper iPhone X
    • iPhone Wallpaper gives you 30 gorgeous iPhone X wallpapers that match the screen size of this latest iPhone. That way, you will take advantage of the wide color spectrum, the strong contrast on this latest iPhone X.

    • 30,8 MB
    • 1,032
    • free
  • Ringtone Maker for iOS
    • Ringtone Maker for iOSDesign a ringtone on iPhone
    • Ringtone Maker is a self-made iPhone ringtone maker. You can make any of your favorite tunes for your phone right on your iPhone, even the iPhone's new default music theme, Refection.

    • 50,2 MB
    • 226
    • free
  • Live Wallpapers & Themes for iOS
    • Live Wallpapers & Themes for iOSAnimated Wallpapers for iPhone
    • Live Wallpapers & Themes is a beautiful wallpaper application for iPhone, which refreshes your phone's screen. These wallpapers are suitable for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

    • 73,9 MB
    • 952
    • free
  • Live Wallpapers for Me for iOS
    • Live Wallpapers for Me for iOSBeautiful animated wallpapers for iPhone, iPad
    • Live Wallpapers for Me is a beautiful animated wallpaper for mobile, changing the face of your phone is easy, fast and free.

    • 56,5 MB
    • 494
    • free
  • Free Ringtones for iOS
    • Free Ringtones for iOSDesign ringtone for iPhone / iPad
    • Free Ringtones for iOS offers many free ringtones and soundtracks for the latest iDevice devices as well as the latest iOS 9 operating system.

    • 69,4 MB
    • 1,988
    • free
  • Pimp Your Sound for iOS
    • Pimp Your Sound for iOSCreate ringtones on iPhone, iPad
    • Pimp Your Sound is a versatile ringtone, and allows you to create your own ringtone from your favorite songs. You can set different tunes for every application such as phone ring tones, message alert, voicemail, calendar reminders, reminders, or email.

    • 59,1 MB
    • 800
    • purchase
  • Ringtones for iOS
    • Ringtones for iOSCreate ringtone for iPhone, iPad
    • Ringtones is an entertainment application that helps you create the best ringtone for every application such as phone ring, message bell, alarm tone, email alert, reminder ...

    • 24,7 MB
    • 682
    • purchase
  • Themepedia for iOS
    • Themepedia for iOSBeautiful animated wallpaper for iPhone
    • Themepedia for iOS is an application of dynamic HD quality wallpaper on the iPhone. Themepedia for iOS turns your boring mobile display into a living space with an impressive, animated art gallery.

    • 124 MB
    • 329
    • purchase