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  • LivU for iOS
    • LivU for iOSChat application, four-way friends for free
    • LivU for iOS is a free chat application on iPhone and iPad, giving users an excellent means of communicating and connecting with friends around the globe.

    • 87,7 MB
    • 390
    • free
  • Yahoo Squirrel for iOS
    • Yahoo Squirrel for iOSYahoo's new group chat application
    • Yahoo Squirrel for iOS is Yahoo's new group chat application, which lets you organize your groups and chat the way you want. You can now download and experience the free app on the App Store.

    • 68,7 MB
    • 956
    • free
  • Viber Messenger for iOS
    • Viber Messenger for iOSMake video calls, free calls, text messages on your iPhone / iPad
    • Viber for iOS is a complete messaging, calling and video calling app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Along with Zalo, Skype, WhatsApp ... Viber is the most popular OTT communication service today!

    • 368,954
    • free
  • Gmail for iOS
    • Gmail for iOSSign in to Gmail on your iPhone, iPad
    • Gmail for iOS is the official Gmail inbox manager for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with advanced email handling features such as managing multiple email accounts, push notifications, email filtering, and more.

    • 217 MB
    • 43,813
    • free
  • WhatsApp Messenger for iOS
    • WhatsApp Messenger for iOSText and call free on iPhone / iPad
    • WhatsApp Messenger for iOS is one of the best free messaging and calling services on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Experience the benefits of private or group communications, good call quality and lots of other interactive features from WhatsApp right on your phone.

    • 158,5 MB
    • 34,340
    • free
  • Facebook Messenger for iOS
    • Facebook Messenger for iOSFree Facebook Chat on iPhone / iPad
    • Facebook Messenger for iOS is a free Facebook chat application on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. With Messenger, you can instant message, call high-quality video to your friends anywhere in the world, without the hassles!

    • 235,6 MB
    • 81,086
    • free
  • Newton Mail for iOS
    • Newton Mail for iOSManaging multiple emails on your iPhone / iPad
    • Newton Mail for iOS is a free and professional content search utility for cloud, email, and email archiving services for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. Newton Mail for iOS gives you access to bulk email at the same time.

    • 16,7 MB
    • 979
    • free
  • Telegram for iOS
    • Telegram for iOSSpeed ​​up and secure your iPhone / iPad
    • Telegram for iOS is a free and improved IM application on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with 2 advantages: fast speed and high security.

    • 80,7 MB
    • 2,869
    • free
  • KakaoTalk for iOS
    • KakaoTalk for iOSFree chat application on iPhone / iPad
    • Along with LINE, Viber, Zalo, WhatsApp Messenger ... KakaoTalk for iOS is one of the most popular free chat and call services today.

    • 266,2 MB
    • 31,211
    • free
  • LINE for iOS
    • LINE for iOSSocial networking for young people
    • LINE is considered a leading competitor of the famous Viber calling application. This application allows users to make calls, text messages for free and use an Internet connection.

    • 284 MB
    • 34,395
    • free