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  • Keepsafe Browser for iOS
    • Keepsafe Browser for iOSHigh-speed and secure web browser
    • Keepsafe Browser for iOS is a fast, secure and secure web browser with a PIN. The application is designed to protect users' privacy when browsing the web.

    • 44,9 MB
    • 281
    • free
  • Alook Browser for iOS
    • Alook Browser for iOSHigh-speed and secure web browser
    • Alook Browser for iOS is a lightweight, fast and secure web browser. With a wealth of useful and useful features, the application will help to enhance the user's web browsing experience.

    • 44,6 MB
    • 419
    • free
  • MineServer For Minecraft for iOS
    • MineServer For Minecraft for iOSSearch and connect multi-player server for MCPE
    • MineServer For Minecraft for iOS is an application that allows players to search and connect to thousands of Minecraft PE servers around the globe quickly.

    • 31,9 MB
    • 509
    • free
  • Firefox for iOS
    • Firefox for iOSFast web browsing on iPhone / iPad
    • Mozilla's Firefox browser has finally reached the Apple Store, becoming the latest free mobile web browser on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

    • 97,6 MB
    • 2,659
    • free
  • UC Browser for iOS
    • UC Browser for iOSFast and secure web browser
    • UC Browser is back in the browser version of UC Browser 11. This is a high-speed web browser, equipped with a powerful ad blocking tool, to help you surf the web quickly, smoothly and for free on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

    • 111 MB
    • 53,300
    • free
  • Opera Mini for iOS
    • Opera Mini for iOSOptimal web browser on iPhone / iPad
    • Besides Google Chrome and Firefox, Opera Mini for iOS is one of the best mobile web browsers on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

    • 78,7 MB
    • 112,306
    • free
  • Google Chrome for iOS
    • Google Chrome for iOSThe most popular web browser on iPhone / iPad
    • Chrome browsers are now available on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Just sign in to sync Chrome Personalization from your computer and take it anywhere.

    • 93 MB
    • 64,248
    • free
  • Coke Cup for iOS
    • Coke Cup for iOSCoccoc web browser for iPhone
    • Coc C Browser for iOS is a free mobile web browser created entirely by the Vietnamese. Coc Cider Browser for iOS gives users the ability to surf fast with many other useful features

    • 79,7 MB
    • 3,962
    • free
  • Maven Web Browser Plus for iOS
    • Maven Web Browser Plus for iOSFriendly web browser on iPhone / iPad
    • For only $ 1.99, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch users already have a fast, reliable and versatile Marven Web Browser Plus web browser for daily web surfing, video downloads, social networking. .. safely.

    • 8,8 MB
    • 20,093
    • purchase
  • Red Onion for iOS
    • Red Onion for iOSAnonymous browser for iPhone / iPad
    • Red Onion is an anonymous web browser that allows you to access the Internet privately and without leaving a trace. With the app, you can bypass corporate Internet filters, schools, or public Wi-Fi, and access the entire Internet without restriction with complete security.

    • 49,8 MB
    • 347
    • purchase