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  • Check the driver license for iOS
    • Check the driver license for iOSPreparation of driving license test on iPhone / iPad
    • The driver license exam for iOS is an application for driving license exams, with 450 latest questions in 2013 for testing, driving a motorized driving license to help you with the theoretical Drive motorcycles and cars quickly and efficiently.

    • 2,166
    • free
  • Wattpad for iOS
    • Wattpad for iOSFree eBook reader application
    • Explore the world of e-books online on Wattpad to read free stories, learn about featured authors, discover new books, and lots of interesting things in this valuable knowledge repository.

    • 85,8 MB
    • 7,942
    • free
  • Vinabook Reader for iOS
    • Vinabook Reader for iOSFree eBook reader application on iPhone / iPad
    • Vinabook Reader for iOS is an unlimited ebook reading application on Android phones and tablets. With this app you are comfortable reading books, favorite magazines anytime, anywhere.

    • 19,9 MB
    • 927
    • free
  • iBooks for iOS
    • iBooks for iOSDownload and read books on your iPhone / iPad
    • With iBooks eBooks, you'll easily find top-notch books, top-selling books, old and new authors, even audiobooks - ready for download and enjoyment on " cricket "his love.

    • 716,8 KB
    • 18,561
    • free
  • Blinkist for iOS
    • Blinkist for iOSEfficient reading application on iPhone / iPad
    • Blinkist for iOS is a complete book reader app with useful information. Over 2000 fictional book titles should read the most. This application creates a revolutionary reading that attracts more than 2 million readers each day.

    • 126 MB
    • 933
    • free
  • Google Play Books for iOS
    • Google Play Books for iOSFree Google bookstore
    • Google Play Books for iOS enables you to discover the huge collection of Google Play online books, which are provided free of charge to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

    • 67,2 MB
    • 6,925
    • free
  • Kindle for iOS
    • Kindle for iOSThe most popular eBook reader software
    • Kindle for iOS provides users with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device with a convenient, multi-functional and free e-book reader experience.

    • 181 MB
    • 38,644
    • free
  • Story for iOS
    • Story for iOSReading app on iPhone / iPad
    • IOS for iOS is a free reading app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. With a rich storyboard, with a modern reading interface with various reading modes for you to choose from.

    • 58,9 MB
    • 507
    • free
  • Self-study English for iOS
    • Self-study English for iOSEnglish learning materials
    • The 146-page self-study English course, with many English-Vietnamese sentences for self-study. The content is very carefully compiled, voice standard pronunciation so you are completely assured when using.

    • 63,4 MB
    • 540
    • purchase
  • Kitchen Rock for iOS
    • Kitchen Rock for iOSDelicious recipes on iPhone / iPad
    • Kitchen Rock is a recipe-sharing application on both iOS and Android platforms. Offer suggestions for everyday dishes, desserts, how to make each dish with detailed step by step illustrations, and better cooking tips.

    • 24,6 MB
    • 702
    • free