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  • Math Lessons for iOS
    • Math Lessons for iOSTeach math lessons on iPhone / iPad
    • Math Learning is a mathematical application for 1 to 5 year olds who know numbers in the range of 1 to 10. Through fun, fun games will help them to remember longer than the way they learn. often.

    • 25 MB
    • 552
    • free
  • PopJam for iOS
    • PopJam for iOSSafe social network for children
    • PopJam for iOS is a safe and rewarding social networking platform designed specifically for people under the age of 13. Like "Instagram for Kids," the app lets you share your creativity and interact with your friends.

    • 131 MB
    • 270
    • free
  • Leprechaun 2 for iPad
    • Leprechaun 2 for iPadGrade 2 Maths with Adventure Para
    • The program is designed as a game, or can be called an interactive cartoon. They can take Lunar through a myriad of scenic spots, each where Lunar meets and acquaintances with various friends, each of whom helps Lunatics and their children with additional math skills.

    • 118 MB
    • 17,651
    • free
  • Messenger Kids for iOS
    • Messenger Kids for iOSMessenger application for children
    • Facebook has launched the Messenger Kids app for kids under the age of 13, allowing kids to talk and chat with family and friends more securely, and can be controlled from their Facebook account. mother.

    • 223 MB
    • 227
    • free
  • Disney Junior Appisodes for iOS
    • Disney Junior Appisodes for iOSInteractive cartoon store for baby
    • Disney Junior Appisodes makes it easy for kids to watch their playtime and interact directly with their favorite Disney animated shows.

    • 465 MB
    • 334
    • free
  • Grade 2 Books for iOS
    • Grade 2 Books for iOSTextbook grade 2 on the iPhone / iPad
    • English class 2 audio books help you teach your child to learn Vietnamese and review articles very conveniently on the phone.

    • 231 MB
    • 24,980
    • free
  • Baby Cries Translator for iOS
    • Baby Cries Translator for iOSThe application of crying of newborn babies
    • Baby Cries Translator is an application that learns and identifies needs through the cries of newborn babies within the first six months of life, including problems like hunger, sleepiness, pain, wet diapers. Help parents understand the cause of crying quickly, easily.

    • 16,4 MB
    • 648
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  • Color by Numbers for iOS
    • Color by Numbers for iOSFree coloring book for children
    • Color by Numbers: Christmas is a coloring book application for children from 1 to 5 years old. Have your baby entertained with color and develop the talent, ingenuity of coloring funny drawings in this e-book.

    • 56,2 MB
    • 679
    • free
  • Learn English for iOS
    • Learn English for iOSThe best software for learning English
    • "English learning" is the best English learning application for children. New word program for children from 3 to 5 years old. Along with new words, sounds, animated images, simple and easy to understand, creating excitement for children while learning.

    • 161 MB
    • 7,611
    • free
  • Talking Tom & Ben News for iOS
    • Talking Tom & Ben News for iOSTom and Ben dog bulletin for iPhone, iPad
    • Talking Tom & Ben News is an entertaining entertainment application. You will meet Tom and Ben again in a news program and both are television announcers. However, the couple always face each other, drowning, even "beat" each other without regret.

    • 61 MB
    • 993
    • free