Zombie Hunter: Survival for iOS 1.0.3

Shooter alive in the zombie world

Zombie Hunter: Survival for iOS

Zombie Hunter: Survival for iOS is a survival-based shooter where you have the task of rescuing survivors of the zombie epidemic and eradicating these mutated creatures.

Shooter combines survival elements - Zombie Hunter: Survival

Zombie Virus Crisis has spread throughout the city on a distant island. As one of the most distinguished members of the Special Forces, you are ordered to move to an area that has been attacked to save survivors and prevent zombie outbreaks from spreading to nearby areas of the city.

But is there really a survivor here? At a glance, the deserted islands, cities, suburbs and beaches are being invaded by zombies. Finding survivors is extremely difficult. The infected people have lost all their senses and become bloodthirsty monsters. Very little time, heroic hero, you are ready to become a real zombie hunter yet?

Kill all the zombies that appear in sight

Zombie Game : Survival for iOS offers a variety of weapon artefacts to choose from: machine guns, sniper rifles, grenades, pistols, rifles ... You can choose your favorite weapon and start the fight. battle. When doing the task, keeping calm in all cases is extremely important. Although the zombies are crazy, you still have to calmly shoot guns, watch and shoot to turn corpses into real corpses.

Aside from dealing with countless different types of zombies, you also have to fight against the mightiest bosses. Watch out for the cruel clown. He is the one who scares the crisis and is not easy to destroy him at all.

Find the way to the survivors to safety

Rescuing a survivor is one of your tasks, but not the most important task. When you rescue a survivor, the helicopter will not land and pick up immediately because it is dangerous. You need to find a way to move them safely and reach the aircraft quickly. Your main task in Zombie Hunter: iOS Survival is to eliminate the zombie virus on the island. Otherwise, when the virus spreads to the outside world, the consequences will be extremely terrible.

This is the fight to save mankind and victory depends on you. Knowing the gun, shooting accurately and shooting every shot can affect the final outcome of the battle.

Choose your favorite gun from the massive arsenal

Main Features of Zombie Hunter: Survival for iOS

  • Sounds live sound.
  • Feel true when the bullets shot out.
  • The horror that zombies bring.
  • Combines multiple modes of attack and sniper.
  • Super-wide 3D environment and super-distant horizon.
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