Virtual Villagers Origins 2 for iOS 2.5.2

Game build village on paradise island

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 for iOS
  • Last Day of Work
  • 171 MB
  • iOS 9.0 or later
  • Free
  • 259

Build, farm, solve puzzles and build a thriving village right on your mobile device with the Virtual Villagers Origins 2 simulation game for iOS. Many exciting adventures await you here.

Build a prosperous village in Virtual Villagers Origins 2

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 iOS is a time management game developed by the developer Last Day of Work, the creator of the Fish Tycoon 2 virtual fish game. Come back to the famous and mysterious island of Isola in the Virtual Villagers series. To join the exciting new adventure are waiting in front. Asura's volcanic eruption near the island, the family had to leave Isola and find a new home. When the boat reached the shore, they were greeted by a strange man and a journey to explore the mysterious new world began.

Cultivation, fabrication and adventure exploration

The beautiful and exotic island of Isola was once the paradise of a prosperous civilization, but things have changed. The place was destroyed and only the forest was left. In Virtual Villagers Origins 2 for iOS, your task is to discover every magic moment and interact with the surroundings to build a new paradise island.

Help the villagers build their lives on the island

Main features of Virtual Villagers Origins 2 for iOS

Build a virtual village in real time

  • Become the village head: In this real-time simulation game, you can customize villains' names or random events on the island. That means there will not be two similar tribes in the game.
  • Care and treatment for all families and children in the village. Build a prosperous village from the ruins, unlock new food sources by fishing and farming, craft unique ingredients by solving puzzles and collect ...

Educate people how to survive

  • Train villagers to become skilled and skilled to carry out missions on the island, as well as to live in a new world.
  • Upgrade the villagers with magic necklaces and improve productivity, extend life and more for the entire village with totems and remedies.

Nurture and train the next generation

Build, solve and explore

  • Explore the beautiful island to solve all the new puzzles, while deciphering the secrets of the island.
  • Collect and combine the resources around your new virtual house to make rare materials and unlock rewards when completing the collection.

Caring for lovely pets on the island

  • Build houses for Lemur and Herring - the animals that will help you get rid of pests and discover many magic items around the new island.
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