Virtual Villagers Origins 2

Game build village on paradise island

Virtual Villagers Origins 2
  • Last Day of Work
  • Unknown
  • Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
  • Free
  • 674

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 - Game build village on paradise island

Build, farm, puzzle and build a strong village in the Virtual Villagers Origins 2 simulation game. With beautiful graphics and gameplay built into familiar management, players will have plenty of fun hours. along with Virtual Villagers Origins 2 .

Game Virtual Villager Origins 2
Virtual Villager Origins 2

In addition to the two mobile versions, Last Day of Work also developed Virtual Villagers Origins 2 for PC . Come back to the mysterious yet fertile island of Isola in the Virtual Villagers series to adventure and discover things you do not know yet. Due to the volcanic calamity of Asura's nearby island, the family made their way to Isola to search for a new home. When they arrive, they are greeted by a strange man and together explore the mysterious new world!

Once again the beautiful and exotic island of Isola becomes the paradise for the new inhabitants. But after many events, it became a dense forest and was devastated. The mission of Virtual Villagers Origins 2 players is to discover new moments and interact with everything around them each time they come back.

Teach the villagers survival skills
Train the villagers on survival skills on the new island

Build a virtual village in real time

  • Master your village. Virtual Villagers Origins 2 is a real-time simulation game that allows you to customize everything from village names to random events. No two tribes will be exactly the same in the game.
  • Caring, healing and marriage ceremony for villagers. Create a peaceful and sustainable village from the ruins, unlock new food sources by planting and fishing, and make new ones by solving puzzles and collecting them. There are many things to do and live in the wilderness.

Develop generations of residents
Take care of the people, let them marry and give birth to the children to develop the population

Teach them how to survive

  • Train the villagers with many important skills, command them to perform their tasks and survive in the new land.
  • Upgrade the villagers with magic necklaces, which help them improve their productivity, quality of life and more. Use artifacts and poison effectively in the development of the village.

Pet farming, cultivation and life development

Build, solve and explore

  • Learn about the island paradise in parallel with the puzzle process, flipping the mystery of the village.
  • Collect and combine resources that you earn on the island to create rare and valuable resources, unlocking rewards when completing collections.

Beautiful game graphics
Immerse yourself in a beautiful world like a picture

Take care of the island

  • Build homes for Lemur and Herring, take care of pets and own cats on the island.
  • Virtual Villagers Origins 2 every day will bring you valuable rewards. Game requires Internet connection during game play.
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