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Change proxy, access blocked website easily

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Ultrasurf is software that allows access to other blocked sites easily. Through the algorithm to hide the IP address, pass the firewall, change the proxy of Ultrasurf you can freely access the website you want without any barriers.

Latest Ultrasurf - Surf the Internet when blocked, network crash

Giao diện chính của phần mềm Ultrasurf
Ultrasurf helps to access blocked websites easily.

UltraSurf does not require installation, just download the application, extract and run the file. Then open up the web browser and log into the site. Is not it simple?

Basically, UltraSurf is a software used to fake IP, anonymously when surfing the web and bypassing firewall access to blocked sites very effectively. This software runs a very small program file, no need to install to the computer.

Download Ultrasurf - Access blocked websites simply and quickly

You can download the latest version of Ultrasurf compatible on all Windows operating systems and web browsers such as Chrome , IE , Firefox . With a very light capacity of just over 1Mb does not need to install Ultrasurf help you access all blocked sites like Blogger (Blogspot) ....

Not only does it help you access blocked websites, Ultrasurf also improves surfing speed, anonymously when surfing the web away from hackers, tracking information. Normally when you visit or download the Internet by default, you will be censored content and save the history of web access on the server systems ISP of VDC, VNPT, Viettel, FPT ... With the download and Ultrasurf settings all information when surfing the web will be encrypted, anonymous. It's great for keeping your personal information secure, bank account information from hackers and curious people.

New feature in Internet access software Ultrasurf16.03

  • Improved website access speed faster.
  • Additions are compatible with many different browsers.
  • Added function to set internal communication port.
  • Add function set to default mode. This feature is especially useful when you have installed optional settings but do not work well, but want to return to original mode. This is not available in older versions but the new Ultrasurf has been improved. adv.

Ultrasurf has many advantages such as lightweight, less ads but still shows many disadvantages such as stability, speed server Ultrasurf, not compatible on systems outside Windows such as MAC, Linux, iOS (iPhone , iPad), Android .... Alternatively, you can download the Hotspot Shield Free VPN here

UltraSurf is a freeware that helps you to bypass the blocking of your ISP so that you can see all the websites you want around the world. The program will automatically find the proxy through its servers and help you browse the web thanks to them. Proxy search is done implicitly and fairly quickly, making the user feel like browsing the web normally without any delay. Proxies will be selected to ensure you are always using the best proxies.

UltraSurf can work with any browser and with all the functions that users need, like surfing, logging in and posting in forums, using email, uploading and downloading files, watching and listening to music, video ...

Introduction to UltraSurf

The main feature of the software beyond the Utrasuft firewall

Protect your privacy

UltraSurf helps protect your privacy by surfing the web by hiding your users' IP address and location, clearing your browsing history, cookies and other personal information.

Strong encryption

All data transmitted through UltraSurf is highly encrypted thanks to SSL encryption technology, ensuring absolute security for data transmission.

Supports all protocols

UltraSurf supports all HTTP-based protocols such as Webmail, http based on online data, JavaScript and DHTML.


Ultrasurf is not used for illegal activities. When this happens, it will help you block pornographic and illegal content using a built-in content filter.

The policy of protecting user information

To ensure the safety and privacy of our users, we do not require you to provide personal information when using Ultrasurf. Minimum log-in requirements are required for anti-sabotage purposes only. The information will be stored for up to 30 days and will not be shared with third parties.

Secure from online risks

Ultrasurf is a valuable tool for users who want to securely access blocked sites and want to encrypt their browser data. However, even with the use of Ultrasurf, users still face risks and potential consequences when accessing blocked sites. As such, we recommend that users learn the rules, regulations and censorship in their own country to better understand these risks.

More infomation about UltraSurf

Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of Ultrasurf

Highlights of Ultrasurf

  • No need to install on the machine but run directly from the download file
  • Pass the censorship of the Internet to access websites and content that you normally can not access
  • Encrypts the link between your computer and the Ultrasurf proxy server
  • Hides IP addresses from websites you visit

Limitations of Ultrasurf

  • Every time you start UltraSurf is the system re-enable Internet Explorer on ...
  • Support is only available for PCs and is not supported by other operating systems such as Mac OS or Linux
  • Only protect user information on web browsers
  • It is not your responsibility to disclose personally identifiable information online such as your real name or contact information
  • The information between your computer and the Ultrasurf server will be encrypted. Information between the Ultrasurf server and the website server will not be encrypted when accessing web pages starting with http. The information between the user's computer and the web server will be encrypted when accessing web pages starting with https.
  • 3rd parties may find that you are using the Ultrasurf tool, although they can not encrypt the data and find out your browsing history.
  • Accessing blocked sites can be dangerous if someone sees your screen
  • Not responsible for information security issues in Windows
  • By default, Ultrasurf automatically installs the proxy for the Internet Explorer web browser . In some cases, the proxy settings for Internet Explorer may be corrupted
  • Cookies and browsing history may not be deleted if you do not close Ultrasoft properly. Therefore, when this happens, cookies and history can be manually deleted or rebooted
  • If users change the use of Ultrasurf for Firefox or other browsers, please note that the settings are correct to ensure that the information is encrypted by Ultrasurf.
  • Clears cache, cookies and browser history when using Ultrasurf with other Internet Explorer browsers
  • Store the Ultrasurf on a flash drive or other external device, boot the Ultrasurf from these storage media instead of saving it on the computer.

Installation instructions and how to use UltraSurf

1. Download and install:

UltraSurf does not require installation, you can start the program simply by double-clicking on the file u1405.exe to run.

Users can save UltraSurf to flash drive or access it from their email. This program can be used on any computer and will not leave a trace when deleted.

You can change the file name to avoid the curiosity of other users without any difficulty.

2. Launch UltraSurf:

After double clicking on the executable file, UltraSurf will open an interface window that includes the function keys and the active state.

If UltraSurf gives a prompt for proxy settings, please refer to step 8 for proxy configuration. If UltraSurf does not open the master window, please refer to step 7 for advanced settings.

Temporary File folder containing UltraSurf - utmp - and file system u ini will be placed in the same location as the .exe executable.

3. Server connection and connection performance:

UltraSurf's interface shows the connection status and server status. At startup, UltraSurf automatically searches for and selects the highest speed servers available. The checkbox and green indicate the server is currently in use. You can select a different server by selecting the other checkbox if the current server is not working properly.

Connection speed is the performance index of the server: 100% is the highest speed and is equivalent to a direct connection.

4. Using UltraSurf:

By using a browser (be it Internet Explorer or Chrome), UltraSurf allows users to browse any web page.

Note : You can minimize the interface window when using UltraSurf, can not close window because it will exit the program.

Exit the UltraSurf program:

You press the Exit button on the main interface of UltraSurf or click the close button on the window to exit the program.

After closing the program, your browser will not be protected by UltraSurf. For your safety, during a 20 second countdown, an Exit Warning alert will appear with the following options:

  • Close IE and exit(Close IE and exit): This option allows you to close all IE windows and tabs that were open when you exit UltraSurf.
  • Keep IE and Exit(Keep IE and exit): If you have special needs want to keep IE browser window even when offline UltraSurf, you can select this option. However, it will not guarantee data security when UltraSurf is closed when IE windows are opening sensitive websites.

6. Function keys on the UltraSurf interface:

The main interface of UltraSurf is very simple, including only the following key functions:

  • Home : Reopen home page
  • Retry : Search for another server
  • Option : Access advanced settings (refer to step 7 for more details).
  • Help : Displays the UltraSurf user guide in IE.
  • Exit : Closes UltraSurf, automatically deletes the web browser, restores the browser's default settings, and performs a series of other actions before closing the program (refer to step 5 for more details). Users can also click the close button (x) in the upper right corner of the UltraSurf interface to stop the program.


Ctrl + Atl + HHide the UltraSurf interface
Ctrl + Atl + SContains UltraSurf interface
Ctrl + Atl + MMinimizes the UltraSurf interface
Ctrl + Atl + CClose all IE browser windows
Ctrl + Atl + XClose UltraSurf
Ctrl + Atl + Shift + XClose UltraSurf immediately
Ctrl + Atl + DClose UltraSurf immediately and delete utmp directory and u.ini file

7. Advanced settings:

The default setting of UltraSurf is designed to protect the user's safety. If the user has special needs to change these default settings, such as determine how to delete browsing history, delete cookies or use the proxy can be in the Options to customize.

  • Enable HotKeys : When this option is selected, HotKeys will be enabled. You can disable this feature if you do not want to use shortcuts because it conflicts with other program shortcuts.
  • Hide Windows : When this option is unchecked, UltraSurf will run in the background. If you want to see the interface of the program, sell press Ctrl + Alt + S.
  • Do not use IE : If you do not use IE, you can select this option, then UltraSurf will not manage or change any IE settings or any IE related options will be disabled. Activate.
  • Start IE automatically : When this option is selected, UltraSurf automatically opens the IE browser at startup. If you do not want to open IE when running the program, remove this option.
  • Delete cookies automatically upon exiting : With this option, UltraSurf will automatically clear cookies upon exit (this is the default setting). If you do not want to delete cookies when closing the program, leave this option blank.
  • Delete history automatically upon exiting : This option will automatically remove the browser history when UltraSurf is closed.
  • Close IE immediately upon exiting : If you select this option, UltraSurf will close all IE browser windows and websites at the end of the program. If you do not select this option, you may encounter a warning window option that either closes or maintains the IE window.
  • Do not close Internet Explorer upon exiting: In contrast to the previous option, this option will retain all IE windows, even if you close the program.
  • Hide Golden Lock (requires UltraSurf to be khởi chạy order to take effect print): By default, the yellow lock icon appears at the bottom right of the screen to indicate that you are protected by UltraSurf. You can hide this icon by selecting this option, which will take effect the next time you launch UltraSurf.
  • Proxy setting button: Enter Proxy settings window (refer to step 8 for more details).
  • Delete Cookies button: delete all cookies immediately.
  • Delete History button: Clear all browser history immediately.
  • Local Listening Port (26-65535) : You can set the listening port from 26 to 65535, default is 9666.
  • Reset to Default Settings button: restore all settings on the default value, a popup window will appear and click Yes to determine consent, No to reject. Press OK to set the effect and Cancel if you want to cancel.

8. Proxy Settings Guide:

Usually, users do not need to enter proxy settings. By default, UltraSurf will choose proxy settings based on IE proxy settings. In some cases, users may need to use a private proxy to access the Internet.

The following is a guide to proxy settings:

  • Auto-Detect Proxy : This option allows UltraSurf to automatically detect proxy settings of IE.
  • Manual Proxy Setting : This option allows you to set up your own proxy settings.
  • Directly use UltraSurf : By default UltraSurf selects this option. It is highly encrypted to ensure user safety.

How to fix Internet access error after turning off Ultrasurf

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer . On the toolbar, click Tools , select Internet Options.


Step 2: The Internet Options window appears. Click the Connections tab, and then click the LAN settings button in the Local Area Network (LAN) settings.


Step 3: The Local Area Network (LAN) Settings window appears. Click on Automatically detect settings under Automatic configuration. Then click OK to save the setting.


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