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Secure file sharing with 5GB of free traffic

Tresorit Send
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Tresorit Send - Secure file sharing with 5GB of free traffic

Tresorit Send is a convenient online version of the Tresorit cloud service. The advantage of this online data manager is that you get 5GB of free storage for new users and a self-destruct mechanism after 7 days for added security.

Tresorit Send is considered to be the leading secure file sharing solution today. Tresorit Send uses the "Made in Swiss" end-to-end encryption technology and GDPR Compliant Technology, for the record-keeping experience. Secure and reliable file sharing and sharing.

Besides the Tresorit versions for PC, Mac, iOS / Android, you can now upload and share files extremely conveniently on the web. As we all know, Tresorit is the online cloud storage service of Switzerland. This service emphasizes security and data encryption, which is suitable for both business and personal users and more.

Tresorit Send allows you to share secret files at your fingertips, create alternatives to secure file-sharing sites or send attachments via Email.

Tresorit Send is a stand-alone product, completely free and suitable for everyone. By using encrypted link sharing technology, your data will be sent securely from the time the Send button is clicked to the recipient's hand.

Tresorit Send interface

Secure data with Tresorit Send

Your files will not be stored or shared through third parties, even if the system is hacked. Tresorit Send uses client-side encryption to ensure this. Only the recipients of the shared link will be able to access the data shared by you.

Use secure channels

When sharing a link on Tresorit Send, make sure you distribute the link through secure channels. This means that anyone who has the link also has access to and download the data. You can add a password to the link to protect the two layers, requiring the recipient to have both a link and a password to open the data.


Tresorit Send encrypts data using AES-256 technology before uploading them. The file is also secured using the HMAC identification code for SHA-512 data.

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