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Game tactics card General Three Kingdoms

The King of Witchcraft for Android
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Tactics for the Android King of Android was released immediately took up the number one position on the game ranking of Google Play. What more do you need to decide to download and install the Mobile Empire?

Probably never had a mobile game do such a feat as De Vuong Ba Nghiep has done the past few days. There is no excellence in graphics, nor is there a unique, different gameplay, but the reason that makes this genre game so fast has become the hottest CH Play game in recent days?

The main interface of Emperor Wang

The unique features of the King of Karma on Android

Although not the first Three Kingdoms to appear on the market, King Wang is the first game in the form of mythological game content. It gives players a more exciting, exciting and exciting feeling. At the same time, the chibi character design extremely cute is also one of the points that make this action game become different and win the hearts of players from the very first launch.

Character system in De Vuong Ba Nghiep

It's not just the usual tactical action game that Android is a mix of SLG games, genre games combining real-time strategy ... All will make a great game. , special and extremely attractive.

From the very beginning, you will be guided to build your own battle squad, with unique tactics and tactics. Throughout the game, through the daily activities, Tasks, Vice Edition, players will gradually enhance the strength of the team.

Character index in the Emperor Wang

King Wang has a dense and extremely diverse character system. 60 names of the Three Kingdoms period are divided into 16 different categories, such as:

  • Powerful minister
  • Master
  • The Radical
  • Thien Co

Each tribe will have different characteristics, each other (apart from God), understand this nature, players can create their own tactics, lines and styles.

PvP inter-server with impressive numbers, up to 30 Heroes and 100 soldiers at the same time (15 vs 15). This is very impressive and the game Prime Minister never before.

The force of the characters in King Wang

Players can upgrade, increase the Chess to increase the number of soldiers that the General can summon. At the same time, Generals and Soldiers in this action game are two completely independent characters (like Mobile Alliance), meaning that if the General dies in good standing, the player can still have the chance to win. .

Another plus point that makes De Vuong Mobile Work becomes attractive to players, which is the slave server inter-server. It means not only challenging, challenging other players that now, players can also capture the slave anywhere in the game. From this point of view, many players have pushed slavery into a silent war, but also as violent and violent as any public battle.

Phase PK in the strategy game King Wang

But in any case, the biggest and most destructive war in the imperial kingdom is the struggle between the legions. This is where the Bang Alliance alliances show their power and influence in each server, each battle. Players have to fight each city if you want to seize it, this is really a difficult but challenging process, but if successful, will also be extremely glorious.

The map in the game Empire Kingdom

Of course, as well as the other games, other activities, Bang, Assembly, 3v3, First PvP ... also featured in this special game.

If you are looking for a Combined Three Kingdoms game, want to enjoy the game of wisdom, want to show your skills as well as military talent, now install and try to play the King of Kingdom on her phone .

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