Popular Wars for iOS 1.0.8

Great online multiplayer game

Popular Wars for iOS
  • Lion Studios
  • 288,4 MB
  • iOS 9.0 or later
  • Free
  • 699

Popular Wars for iOS is a simple action game, but there are extremely interesting gameplay that will fascinate you immediately after a game. Your task is to have as many team members as possible and beat other players.

Join the fight on popularity in Popular WarsBecome a trusted leaderCollect as many members as possible into your team

Want to know how famous it is? Then, the popular online game for iOS is a great choice for you.

Got famous? Then you should not miss this game.

Does not belong to 2 cases above? Well then, it's likely that the popular iOS game will be the new title in your favorite games list.

It can be said that Popular Wars iOS is a competitor of Crowd City crowded City Game for iOS from Voodoo with similar gameplay, but the control mechanism is a bit different. You will immediately recognize that if you experience the same two games at the same time. Show off your leadership skills by attracting the most members into your team to defeat every other player in the game.

In Popular Wars for iOS , you control the leader of the high-profile special highlight running around the city to collect as many members as possible. Simple but extremely challenging as other players do the same thing.

Each player is represented by a distinct color. You move closer to the white person so they come in contact with your color circle. Then, they will switch to your avatar color and become a new member in the group. These members will run around with you everywhere. The more people in the group, the bigger your circle of colors. That makes it easy to attract more members.

Beat other players onlineBecome a team with more members to dominate the rankings

Besides collecting your teammates, you can also juggle other player members and eliminate opponents from the game. By encircling your color circle on the opponent's color circle, you will obtain the number of people in the contact area between the two circles. If you cover the circle of other players, their members will belong to your team, which means that the leader of that team is defeated.

In just 2 minutes, do your best to make the most popular team possible and conquer the charts in Popular Wars for iOS.

Ways to become famous in Popular Wars for iOS

  • Collect more people from all over the map.
  • Snatch member of another team to eliminate them.
  • Lead hundreds of people and show people who the real boss is.

The main feature of Popular Wars for iOS

  • High-tech algorithm.
  • The environment can be destroyed.
  • Cute faces will follow you everywhere.
  • Experience hours of fun.
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