Popular Wars for Android 1.0.8

Game IO many players unique

Popular Wars for Android
  • Lion Studios
  • 53 MB
  • Android 4.1+
  • Free
  • 495

Popular Wars is a free simulation game with extremely unique gameplay. In 2 minutes, you have to attract a large amount of "fans" to follow you, as far as possible to win a lot of money.

Popular Wars has a very unique gameplayYou have to attract other characters to join your social circle
InPopular Wars, you have to attract other characters to join your social circle

Are you ready for the unique gameplay in Popular Wars ? Prepare to participate and win this extremely exciting game. This is a unique application developed by Lion Studios - a company that has a lot of experience in releasing simple but extremely interesting games in terms of gameplay and image quality such as Love Balls, Draw In or Clicker Racing. Popular Wars is also such a game. With unique gameplay and cute graphics, this is one of the hottest games on the market today!

Popular Wars is a fun arcade game in the genre IO (simple games that are pure entertainment, light). But instead of playing the elements to help your character grow, the player must attract other members to increase the number of "followers". Any player who wins the most points in two minutes will win.

Popular Wars drivers are like all the other games in the IO genre. The game will display virtual control bars, help you move your character through the context and draw the crowd around you. Players must move fast because other players are doing the same thing.

In different games, you can earn more money and use them to unlock new elements, helping you customize your character by choosing dresses, faces and social circles.

Want to experience the feeling of being a celebrity? Then Popular Games are for you.

Popular Wars has vivid graphics with cute charactersDraw or snatch other player members into your circleExperience the feeling of being a celebrity in Popular Wars
Experience the feeling of being a celebrity in Popular Wars

Popular games for Android

  • Popular Wars are unique and extremely fun.
  • Collect the characters "stick your tail" from anywhere on the map!
  • Attract and scurry members of other gamers to eliminate them!
  • Lead hundreds of people and show them who the real boss is!

Features of the game Popular Wars for Android

  • Super high-tech algorithm.
  • Super fun play.
  • The game environment is dynamic and destructive.
  • Lively sound, cute 3D graphics with lovely faces will follow you wherever you go.
  • A sky of joy when experiencing the feeling of thousands of people "pursue"!

Popular Wars is an excellent IO game with unique gameplay, acumen control panel and excellent graphics. This is an ideal game if you like online games with short rounds, lasting no more than 2 minutes per level.

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