Opera Mini (S60) 8.0

Web browser for Mobile

Opera Mini (S60)

Today, the Internet has become a little easier for millions of people using phones with basic functions for browsing the web. Downloading the phone has basic functionality that was once a heavy task, but with Opera Mini 8, this task is now easier and faster than ever!

Opera always offers the best web experience for mobile phones, and so the latest mobile browsers will be significantly improved to make Opera Mini and Opera Mobile the premier choice for mobile devices. thousands of different devices. The Opera user interface is now enhanced with support for the latest technology. Opera mobile browsers can display complete web pages, just like on your computer.

You can easily switch between open web pages through tabs, and Speed ​​Dial lets you launch your favorite website with just one click. In addition, you can add as many Speed ​​Dial entries as you like without being limited. If you do not have a smartphone, you can still use many of the advanced web features on your phone with Opera mobile browsers, including the new Smart Page that connects to social networks. yours. You can view all the latest updates from your friends and contacts right from your phone's home screen. You can also get the hottest news, weather forecasts, sports, entertainment, ...

With Opera Mini and Opera Mobile, you can easily navigate through touchscreen and keyboard devices. The browser automatically switches between horizontal and vertical mode and allows you to adjust the text for easier reading.

Update feature on Opera Mini 8

  • Get instant access to your favorite websites.
  • Private browsing mode.
  • Supports individual tabs without saving information on the caching.
  • Night mode helps to browse the web in darker colors.
  • Helps users control the flow of data when browsing the web.

High performance browsing

The latest versions of Opera Mini and Opera Mobile have been enhanced speed and performance. Even on pages with secure encryption or more graphics, the page can still be loaded quickly and operate smoothly. In addition, you can play mobile games thanks to the WebGL hardware accelerator in Opera Mobile. Not only does it have quick control and responsive functions, but it also has real color and texture to life. Thanks to Opera, you get the best web experience without having to bother with any mobile device or phone you're using.

Browse more, wait less

Thanks to advanced technology, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile can load web pages much faster than other mobile phone browsers. Features such as the address bar, shortcut keys and touch controls will save you time and effort when performing basic tasks, such as addressing or fast scrolling through pages.

Save on data costs

Opera mobile browsers are the smart choice for browsing on expensive wireless data plans. Using Opera Mini or Opera Mobile to browse the web with your mobile phone can save you money on phone charges, by minimizing the amount of data you use. Opera Mini uses only one-tenth the bandwidth of other browsers, compressing web pages to 90%. With Opera Mobile, you can open Opera Turbo to compress data by up to 80% or disable Opera Turbo to get all the site data like it does on your computer.

User experience

Get quick access to your favorite websites

You can view the top sites on your screen in Speed ​​Dial, and load each page with just one touch. It's easy to add your favorite pages to Speed ​​Dial, and you can even sync them to your screen using Opera Link.

Easy to use on any device

The user interface is designed for both touch screen phones and keyboards. Therefore, you can easily scroll through long web pages with your keyboard or touch screen.

Multi-tasking with tabs

You can open multiple web pages at the same time and easily switch between them through tabs - just like you would on a desktop. On touch screen devices, the visual tabs also allow you to view thumbnails of open web pages that you can choose from.

Enter addresses at a glance

Thanks to the autocomplete of URLs, you can easily enter addresses without much effort. Opera Mobile browsers can guess the URL you are typing in the address field, allowing you to load the page after entering some characters. The previously visited addresses and your bookmarks also appear in the list as you type, so you can choose what you want.

Enter text easily

You can enter text in your browser on a touch screen phone with ease. On phones with a default touch screen keyboard, you can use the onscreen keyboard to enter and edit information without leaving the page you are viewing.

Adjust the view as desired

Moving through large and complex web pages, Opera mobile browsers will stop where you want to read to narrow your view.

Make the most of your screen

You can take advantage of all the pixels that your phone's screen provides with full screen mode. The address bar and toolbar will disappear until it is activated, allowing you to view the site wider.

Vision more effective

Opera Mini and Opera Mobile automatically adjust the web pages to fit your screen, displaying an overview of the site. To be able to see clearly and start reading, just touch the screen or press the button to zoom in to where you want to see it. On supported devices, you can also adjust to get the exact view you want.

Key features of Opera Mini

Data is always available when you need it

You can back up bookmarks, Speed ​​Dial, and search engines to My Opera and synchronize them between different phones or with the Opera browser on your desktop or laptop. With Opera Link, you can access your favorite sites in any location.

Share site

When you want to share a site for everyone, just touch the "Share" icon in the menu bar. Then, choose from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, vKontakte, ... to share links in a flash.

See what you are looking for

You can easily find the stuff you want in heavy text websites on your phone. As you type, mobile browsers Opera will search your keywords and mark all occurrences of that site, allowing you to navigate through them.

Download Management

Downloads is the most advanced download management tool for mobile phones and is built right into the browser. You can start downloading files and track their progress from Downloads. You can also pause the download, when needed, and resume them whenever you want.

Easily access your bookmarks

Store, edit and organize your bookmarks in folders. The bookmark manager lets you track many different web pages. Enabling Opera Link can also help sync bookmarks through Opera settings on other devices, such as on your computer, so you always have the link when you need it.

Return to visited websites

With the history feature, you can find web pages you have previously visited. Sites visited in your history are grouped by date, so you can easily find the site by the date you viewed it.

Read web pages anytime, anywhere

Once you find the site you want to keep, you can use the Save Page feature to store it and then you can access it anytime without having to wait for it to download - even without Internet connection.

Search less, more results .

You will never have to use too many words using our improved text selection and input method. Bookmarks will also be easily controlled and imported from the installation system on your phone. If you use a touch screen device, you can create bookmarks by clicking on the star in the URL of any website.

Outstanding performance .

The manufacturer has overcome the problem related to performance and stability to support you the best. Now, Opera can run smoother than ever.

Enhance efficiency with Opera Mobile .

Opera Turbo is always one of the most prominent features of Opera by the ability to support compressing web pages when the system is slow. At present, Opera Turbo is becoming smarter to use for mobile devices. When this feature is activated, you will be able to connect to Wi-Fi quickly and with no limit to the amount of data.

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