Onet Connect Classic

Classic Pikachu game with new look

Onet Connect Classic
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Onet Connect Classic - Classic Pikachu game with new look

The classic Pikachu game is dressed in a new, more modern and attractive outfit on the Onet Connect Classic. Play the free online game Onet Connect Classic on Windows 10 for a fun, fun time on your computer or tablet.

New Pikachu Game - Onet Connect Classic
Play modern and youthful Pikachu game with Onet Connect Classic

Similar to Zoo Domino or Mahjong 3D, the gameplay of Onet Connect Classic is simple and easy to understand. This is an easy puzzle game for everyone, including children and the elderly.

Try to score the most points in the Mahjong Matching Game. Start playing Onet Connect Classic by choosing from one of three available themes - cute animals, sweet candies, or nutritious fruits.

Intelligent puzzle game
The game is light-hearted, suitable for everyone

Your task is to find the same pair of pairs and eliminate all the boxes on the table before time runs out. Like the classic Pikachu game, the lines between two similar figures must not exceed three straight lines or more than 90 degrees. Players need a clear strategy to conquer the table and score impressive points.

If there is no water to connect the two cells, you must use the auxiliary to rearrange. When no table or table is over, the table will be Game Over instant. How many levels can you pass in the Onet Connect Classic ?

Select one of the three available themes
Choose 1 from 3 themes: animal, sweet or fruit

It sounds simple enough, but the Onet Connect Classic is not an easy game to play. At the top level, the time is relatively high and the table is simply arranged with the same number of pairs of little boxes, so you can level up quickly. As you grow older, the greater the number of new cells, the more observations you will have to observe and the more likely you are to find the same pair of cells.

Go to the table to receive the reward is the strong complement
Go to the table to receive the reward is the strong complement

Onet Connect Classic games help you to relieve stress and kill time in your free time, as well as training to focus and observe very well. Compared to the original Pikachu game, Onet Connect Classic graphics are beautiful and much younger. The game contains annoying ads, so it's better to turn off the Internet connection while playing for the most complete experience!

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