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Mozilla Firefox for Linux (English)
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Mozilla Firefox is a fast, full featured web browser.

Firefox includes Pop-up Blocker, Tabbed Browsing, Google search integration, simplified privacy management, streamlined browser window that lets you see more pages than other browsers and one A number of features that you can use every time online.

Mozilla Firefox for Linux

Some updates in Firefox web browser 57.0.4

New point:

  • Enhanced IME support on Windows (Vista +) uses the TSF (Text Services Framework).
  • Can set the avatar for your Firefox account.
  • Firefox Hello features chat, messaging.
  • It is possible to use the SVG image format as an avatar.

Some changes:

  • Improved rendering performance of box-shadow properties.
  • WebRTC now requires the Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) attribute to increase security.
  • WARP is disabled on Windows 7 .
  • Improved image decoding with twice the performance on some devices especially when scrolling.

Changes in HTML5:

  • Support animated effects for Transform and Opacity properties in the Compositor Thread structure.
  • MessageChannel and MessagePort API are enabled by default.
  • Added support for SVG's Transform-origin attribute.
  • The CSS Loading API is enabled by default.
  • Navigator OnLine transforms real Internet connections (Windows, Mac OS X only).
  • Support copy / cut web content from JavaScript with document.execCommand ("cut" / "copy").
  • Implement the Cache API to query named caches that easily access Window, Worker and ServiceWorker.

Developer support:

  • Eliminate support for binary XPCOM components in extensions, using the " system / child_process " SDK instead of the original program.
  • Network requests can be exported to the HAR format.
  • Add new CSS rules quickly with the New Rule button in the Inspector.
  • Take screenshot of buttons or an element from the highlighted view with the Screenshot Node context menu.
  • Copy the CSS rule declarations with the context menu Copy Rule Declaration in the Inspector.
  • Added Pseudo-Class panel in Inspector.
  • View the HTML source code in a new tab.
  • Image elements are not affected by changes in resize or viewport.
  • Fix some other security flaws.

Updated in Firefox 40

New point:

  • Automatically enable HTTP cache logging.
  • Built-in garbage collection option on the browser.
  • Added support Public key pinning, help filtering CA website better, users will access the correct site.
  • Allows viewing logins in the password manager.
  • Displays the number of files found in the toolbar.
  • Connect to an HTTP proxy via HTTPS.
  • Added Sorbs [dsb].

Other changes:

  • Remove the trust bit for some 1024-bit root certificates.
  • Improved performance of password manager and add-on management tools.

Changes in HTML5:

  • Enables drawFocusIfNeeded by default.
  • Activate CSS position: sticky by default.
  • Activate mix-blend-mode by default.
  • Update the Vibration API to the latest W3C release.
  • Automatically activate box-decoration-break.
  • Use the built-in ECMAScript 6 method: Array # copyWithin.
  • Add new arrows: Array.from ()


Dealing with text rendering errors on Windows 7 Update KB2670838 (MSIE 10 Prerequisite) or on Windows 8.1.

Update in Firefox 31

  • Add a search field when opening a new tab page (the default search engine is Google).
  • Mechanism to detect and block malware when downloading files. This feature is enabled automatically, but you can also turn it off if you want. To do so, go to the default Firefox homepage (click the Home button) =>Settings (in the bottom of the screen) => in the Options window, select the Security => Uncheck the option. Block reported attack sites .

Firefox 31

  • Support for viewingOGGandPDF filesin the browser if the program does not install the file viewer.
  • Allows rearranging control panels available on the browser home page.
  • Added the ability to refresh the contents of the sync tabs as required.
  • Firefox Hub API API support.
  • Added mozilla :: pkix, which works as a certificate library of the website.
  • Add the Firefox version for languages: Assam [as], Bengal [bn-IN], Gujarati [gu-IN], Hindi [hi-IN], Kannada [kn], Malayalam [ml], Marathi [mr] , Oriya [or], Panjabi [pa-IN], Tamil [ta], Telugu [te].
  • Upgrade to HTML5 support:
    • Enables the use and activation of WebVTT.
    • Add more CSS3 variables in use.

Update in Firefox 30

Lock plugins by default:

Mozilla decided to block most plug-ins in Firefox , which meant that users had to manually enable the plug-ins they would like to use in the browser before surfing the web.

However, there are some exceptions, which are the plugins that Mozilla's whitelist. These plugins are widely used by trusted publishers, such as Adobe Flash , Unity , Skype and some McAfree plugins.


GStreamer 1.0 support:

GStreamer is capable of adding H.264 decoders for video and audio, so multimedia content is streamed directly in the browser.


New Sidebar Button:

Users are able to display the bookmarks bar and browsing history in the sidebar on Firefox . To do this, you can do one of two things:

        • Press Alt , select View =>Sidebar .
        • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + B to show bookmarks or Ctrl + H to view your Internet history.

This new Sidebar button is built into the Firefox custom menu , allowing users to drag and drop to place it anywhere in the browser.

Updated in Firefox 29.0.1

        • Bugfix: pdf.js command prints white pages.
        • Fixed: Can not see tab when using dark theme theme on Windows 8.1.
        • Fix: failed to restore session due to error in sessionstore.js file.
        • Bug fix: lock the seer feature by default.
        • New Feature Added: New customizable mode helps users personalize the browser according to their usage needs.
        • Adds a new, easier-to-use menu in the right hand corner of the Firefox window that supports popular browser controls.
        • Allows creating new tabs easily. At the same time, any tab that is not used will automatically reduce the color until the same color with Firefox theme.
        • Supports a wizard, introduces the user to new features in the program.
        • Addition and Activation of the Official API Gamepad .
        • HTTPS used when searching with Yahoo will be personalized under HTTPS in the US.
        • Change: Click the W3C Web Notification button to bring the user to the original tab.

Update in Firefox 29

New interface:

An easy-to-see feature in Firefox official version 29 is the change in interface, which is the biggest breakthrough of the browser since 2011.

An easy change is recognizing that the Firefox icon button no longer appears in the top left of the browser; instead, to access the browser options, users need to click on the button with three dashes (same as in Chrome and IE new version) appears on the right of the browser.

Other minor changes include the appearance of the Download Manager button on the toolbar, in the same row as the address bar, and the Forward button will disappear unless you have a web page to forward to.

New sync customization:

The new Firefox Sync feature allows users to synchronize tabs, bookmarks, extensions, preference settings, passwords and browsing history on all Firefox versions regardless of the operating system. You will do this through a Firefox Account , where you can select a username and set a custom password.

Key features of Firefox for Linux

Enhance user experience:

Updates in this new version allow you to have the best surfing experience. Specifically, the new toolbar called Awesome Bar will remember the user's options and propose the most suitable options.


Firefox is built on the very powerful Gecko platform, giving users safer, easier to use and more personalized software.

Safer web browsing:

Firefox has improved the security of browsing the web. This browser protects the user from malware, spyware, viruses, worms, Trojan attacks, and identity theft while browsing the Web.

Customizable upon request:

This browser supports over 5000 extensions. You can configure and use the program as desired.

All Java plugins are by default only loadable upon user requests.

This change means that these plugins do not load automatically. This will improve the security of the connection because the website can not exploit the old plugin code in the previous version However, this is also quite inconvenient for the user.

For example, if you want to watch a video on Firefox , you need to click the activation button to download the plugin. Or you can use the plugin button near the web address input box. In this section, users can allow this plugin to load and watch videos immediately or choose to remember the same actions in the future. The second option will make the user less annoyed with this feature, since after remembering, the browser will automatically load the plugin when you use that website.


All plugins are defaulted with the Ask to Activate option . To change this, users can follow the following instructions:

        • Download about: addons in the web address bar.
        • Select the plugin that wants to change the activation state. There are three options, Ask to Activate, Never Activate and Always Activate . Click on the last option if you want to download the plugin completely automatically.

The password manager supports password fields generated by the script.

Users can memorize passwords and automatically enter passwords for future use. Remember this feature.

Users can update the software and do not need the consent of the Firefox install directory.

In previous versions, only some users could update the bug fixes. However, in this version, all users can update the changes in the system if your computer installed Mozilla Maintenance Service .

Support for H.264 on Linux if gstreamer plugin is installed.


        • Supports MP3 decoding on Windows XP, and MP3 support on all Windows versions.
        • CSP supports multiple policies, including policies to strengthen policy and only report (Report-Only).


        • When displaying a separate image, Firefox will match the EXIF ‚Äč‚Äčimage orientation information in a JPEG image.
        • Fixed text rendering on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.
        • Improve page load times.
        • Supports AudioToolbox MP3 tool.
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