Monthly Idol for Android 4.77

Game simulation training idol Kpop

Monthly Idol for Android
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Monthly Idol is a simulation game "production" idol. The game is currently attracting a growing number of players, including Kpop stars such as BTW's Ilhoon and MYTEEN's Eunsu.

Unlike Beauty Idol, in themonthly Idol for Android , the player plays the CEO of an idol company, responsible for creating popular Kpop groups from 150 trainees. The game is designed to reflect the realities of the entertainment world with live play features such as contract negotiation with idols, music streams, world tours and even deal with dating rumors. The members of the idol group.

In addition, Monthly Idol lets you experience the world of the entertainment world, putting yourself in the place of the head of the company. Many players even revealed that they have become "cruel CEOs" after making the choices primarily for the benefit of the company, not the singers.

Monthly Idol is a unique K-pop idol training gameOrganize tours around the world and earn a lot of money and rewards
Monthly Idol is a unique K-pop idol training game

Features of the game Monthly Idol for Android

Grow your small company into a global leader!

  • You will play the president of an idol management company, select, recruit and train a girl group or boyband into a popular idol to develop your own company.
  • The basic term for each idol is five years. In the meantime, turn them into top idols to strengthen your power in the entertainment world. Of course, you can extend the contract with the idol.
  • Make a trend track through the Producing feature! If you select the right one for the public, the number of idol sales, streams, and views will increase! Of course, it is possible that the strongest fans will "swarm" to buy a lot of albums.
  • Help your idols become famous through the Schedule mode! The more idols you get, the more you get paid to work and earn more!

There are 150 trainees waiting for their debutSchedule calendars and deal with scandals for idols
Monthly Idol has a lot of intriguing realism about entertainment

The dream of every idol - Touring around the world!

  • The opportunity to win a value award is only available in Concert Mode! Watch the popularity of idols through the thousands of fans attending the concert, holding light sticks and listening to their screaming excitement!

More features are being updated

  • Audition mode, idol's house, ...
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