MISA Golf HCP for Windows Phone

Social networking of golfers

MISA Golf HCP for Windows Phone
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MISA Golf HCP is a social networking site for golf enthusiasts to integrate into the golf community. Software to score points, Handicap points, golf course search and find players.

Golf is a popular sport nowadays in many worlds and is often chosen by the super-rich as a hobby, even as a place where businessmen and businesswomen work. Therefore, golf is known as the sport of aristocracy.

If you are a veteran or beginner and want to find a friend, join the MISA Golf HCP .

Not only create a community for those who have the same passion for golf making friends, get acquainted, software MISA Golf HCP also helps to score points, Handicap scores, look up information on golf courses around the world ... This is the first application for golfers in Vietnam, giving people the opportunity to participate in golf tournaments, sharing the match information with friends as on other social networks.

Social networking with over 20,000 golferKeep up to date with golf newsScoring and scoring Handicap

Download the free MISA Golf HCP for Windows Phone and integrate into the community of golfers right now. This place has both longtime players and beginners, even those who do not know how to play, just you have a passion for this aristocratic sport. It is compatible with devices running Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1.

In addition, MISA Golf HCP is also available on other mobile platforms such as Android, iOS

Download MISA Golf HCP for Android Download MISA Golf HCP for iOS

Highlights of MISA Golf HCP on Windows Phone

  • Simple to use, intuitive interface.
  • Convenient and fast: Score, share results right on the field.
  • Look for golf courses anywhere with more than 25,000 golf courses worldwide.
  • The application is completely free.
  • Supports Vietnamese, English, German, Korean, Japanese.
  • Data synchronization with cloud computing, island security and access to any device.
  • Scoring, scoring handicap quickly, convenient.
  • Make friends, find friends and have fun with other people around the world.

New feature

  • Prompts user to update profile.
  • Added support for Emojicon.
  • Updated article reporting feature, offending golfer.
  • Updated home screen interface including application launcher and golfer information.
  • Patch.
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