Lines 98 Classic for Windows Phone

Classic game

Lines 98 Classic for Windows Phone
  • Light Game
  • 5,7 MB
  • Windows Phone 7.5 / 8 / 8.1
  • Free
  • 42,143

Along with Pikachu , Lines 98 is also a game that many people choose to entertain their free time. Lines 98 is very intellectual with a very simple rules of play, beautiful graphics, lively sound.

Giao diện chơi game Lines 98 ClassicChơi game Lines 98 Classic

Layout game Lines 98 Classic is a square of 9 horizontal lines, 9 vertical lines, making up 81 squares, each ball will have different colors such as: Red, orange, yellow, blue ... You need to count The math is so clever that you have at least 5 balls of the same color on a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line to score. The longer you get, the higher your bonus will be!

You can play Lines 98 on other platforms here:

After each move will generate 3 new balls with random colors and positions, so you need to pay attention otherwise they will occupy all 81 squares and the game will end there!

Main features of the game Lines 98 Classic for Windows Phone

  • Arrange at least 5 balls on a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line to score points.
  • Support a water travel after go wrong.
  • Option to turn on or off sound.
  • Save games automatically.
  • Beautiful graphics, vibrant sound.

Lines 98 may never be attractive to the players right? It was born a long time ago but still a lot of people love it. Let d own 98GB Classic for Windows Phone to play every time you free offline!

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