GlassWire for Android 2.0.318

Application management and monitoring data network

GlassWire for Android
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  • Android 5.1 and above
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GlassWire is a handy phone management application that makes it easy to keep track of your mobile data usage, data limits and Internet activity, in real time.

Like 2G, 3G data traffic counter, GlassWire personal application allows users to instantly see which applications are slowing down the telephone network connection or wasting mobile data.

The actual GlassWire graph shows which applications are using your network dataGlassWire allows you to view the app using user data in the past
The actual GlassWire graph shows which applications are using your network data

The highlight of the GlassWire app for Android

  • The GlassWire Data Alerts feature allows you to use the data in a controlled and cost-effective manner. Users will be warned before using data limits to avoid overcharging.
  • Real-time live view, which shows apps currently using mobile data or connecting to WiFi.
  • Be notified immediately whenever new applications access the network and start using your WiFi or cellular data.
  • View back in time to see which apps used network data for the week or month ago. Users can customize in the app to see the number of WiFi usage, data by day or month.
  • Accessing the "Data Plan" screen of GlassWire to set up applications will not be allowed to use your data plan.
  • Check GlassWire 's Speed ​​Meter on the notification bar to see real-time usage of data.
  • Help protect users' privacy and disclose the behavior of suspicious applications through GlassWire live charts .
  • Block network connection applications, allow or deny new connections before GlassWire launches the mobile firewall.

Prevent usage of traffic by day, month, yearGlassWire's data alerts help you control network access at an affordable level
GlassWire's data alerts help you control network access at an affordable level

GlassWire app for Android

Protect the privacy of users

GlassWire is specifically designed to help people protect their privacy and security. App will not sell your data to third parties. With GlassWire , your data and usage information will never leave your phone.

Instantly blocks applications that perform poorly with GlassWire's advanced firewall

Instantly allow or deny new application connections to GlassWire 's new mobile firewall. This app can block WiFi connections, your app's mobile connection, or both at once!

Available to many carriers and carriers

GlassWire is available to many different mobile data providers around the world including Verizon, T-Mobile, Vodafone and ATT. App is also compatible with 3G, 4G, Edge, GPRS, WiFi and most other popular telecommunications carriers. GlassWire also provides you with internet warnings if your cable, DSL or ISP has limited data.

Get alerts when new app uses your dataAllow or block access of new app
Get alerts when new app uses your data

Download GlassWire and see what's " consuming " your WiFi and cellular data right now.

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