FLV Media Player

Free music and video player

FLV Media Player
  • 29 MB
  • Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
  • Free
  • 3,018,030

FLV Media Player is a totally free application that allows users to watch movies and listen to music very easily.

FLV Media Player does not even require you to install it because it is provided as an archive file, so you just unzip, double click on the executable file is finished.

In addition, FLV Media Player also has a simple interface, so it will be easy to operate without too many complicated options. However, the program also provides a lot of useful features right inside the menu. In addition, FLV Media Player also has the ability to open Flash movie, however you can use it to play video online.

FLV Media Player

Key Features of FLV Media Player

All free

Users do not have to pay any costs when using FLV Media Player . Besides, they can afford to use it without any restrictions.

Display information related to the video

Also, every time you open a new FLV file, this tool opens a message to show you some metrics related to the video such as path, time, resolution, and frame rate. form.

Support multiple languages

In addition, FLV Media Player also supports multilingual interface via XML, including: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese.

Easy to use

Also, when using this program, users do not need to install Adobe Flash OCX Plugin and can view many FLV & H.264 files.

Ability to play video and audio in many formats

In addition to the FLV and H.264 formats, FLV Media Player also supports many file formats such as 3G2, 3GP, 3GPP, AAC, M4A, M4V, MOV, MP3, MP4, XPL, F4A. , FAB, F4P, F4V, PLS & M3U.

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