Essential Anatomy 5 for Mac

Atlas 3D human body anatomy for Mac

Essential Anatomy 5 for Mac
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  • Mac OS X 10.10 64-bit or higher
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Essential Anatomy is the most popular and effective anatomy application today, with rich content, multi-feature, multi-structure and ease of use compared to many other anatomical software. With more than 8200 structures including 3D female models, Essential Anatomy is the top choice for doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, medical students ...

Essential Anatomy 5 for Mac

This is an Essential Anatomy 5 for Mac . Note, the application is not compatible with MacBook Pro (2008) backwards due to graphics card limitations.

Key Features of Essential Anatomy 5 for Mac

  • Comes from 3 standalone applications, including content from Muscle Premium and Skeleton Premium.
  • Beautiful graphics: No competitor can compare graphics quality with Essential Anatomy . Based on 3D graphics, the details are displayed extremely crisp and vivid.
  • Easy to navigate: Extremely easy zooming to see the details of each part of the body, removing the muscle layer and turning on / off the system.
  • The application is built by hundreds of professors, anatomists around the world so knowledge is always accurate, updated.

Application of 3D anatomy

Essential Anatomy 5 includes 11 organ systems:

  • Skin: da
  • Skeletal: skeleton
  • Muscles: muscles
  • Connective Tissue: connective tissue
  • Veins: veins
  • Arteries: arteries
  • Nerves: nerves
  • Respiratory: respiratory system
  • Digestive: Digestive system
  • Urogenital: Genital
  • Lymphatic system
  • Brain and heart

Simulates 11 major agency systems

Essential Anatomy 5 is a 3D human anatomy, including male and female models with 11 systems and 8,200 anatomical structures. It is an anatomical 3D application so you can see from many sides and angles.

Essential Anatomy 5 offers the option of hiding, blurring, separating ... each structure for in-depth analysis of each organ, organ system. Pin feature allows pinning notes and placing anywhere on a 3D model. In addition, Essential Anatomy 5 for Mac also offers a number of useful features such as bookmarking, phonetic transcription and partial pronunciation, searching, testing knowledge of anatomy with multiple-choice tests. photos via social networks and Emai.

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