Elf Pets Pup for iOS 1.0.8

Game endless runner Christmas theme

Elf Pets Pup for iOS

Elf Pets Pup for iOS is an endless Christmas theme game. Your mission in this game is to help Santa collect as many gold stars as possible to celebrate the wonderful Christmas holiday.

Help Santa Claus the fun task in Elf Pets PupUnlock 6 exciting journeysUnlock more badges and collect rewards

Christmas season is the busiest time of the year Santa and goblins help. After completing the task of decorating the Christmas village and preparing gifts for children in the Elf Pets Virtual Reindeer for iOS, Santa Claus again needs your help in caring for the Bernard dog and collect Christmas spirit appears in the form of multiple gold stars.

In the Elf Pets Pup for iOS , you control the Bernard dog collecting golden stars and running through the cold Arctic land covered in snow. Run endlessly through six challenging itineraries and collect special rewards, help items and badges along the way.

Do not forget to take care of the dog after long cold journey as prepared food and bathe for it. You will earn more badges when taking care of the dog very carefully and complete the tasks assigned in Elf Pets Pup iOS .

Caring for BernardAvoid obstacles and complete all levels

Main features of Elf Pets Pup for iOS

Good action belly

  • Prepare food and shower for Bernard.
  • Show off your help in fun pairing games.
  • Help Santa Claus to use your skill-game challenging puzzle game.

Unlock many obstacle-filled journeys

  • Complete the virtual quests to unlock many other Christmas themed itineraries.
  • Complete 6 stages: Training Run, Ice Run, Night Run, Blizzard Run, Mountain Run and Sky Run.
  • Touch to jump over obstacles, collect special rewards and collect all the Christmas souls created by the act of kindness.

Care Coat

  • Earn the badge by taking care of the Bernard Dog and completing some interesting missions.
  • Collecting the care badges will help the dog collect the Christmas spirit for Santa Claus.
  • You can also earn a caring badge that represents the moment you have experienced with your real Saint Bernard.
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