Drive and Park for iOS 1.2

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Drive and Park for iOS
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Show off your driving skills in one of the most exciting and unique action games you've probably never experienced before. Drive and Park for iOS challenges the ingenuity and responsiveness of players.

Fun and unique action game - Drive and ParkParking a perfect way to make moneyAvoid car collisions in parking games

It's also possible to rank Drive and Park for iOS in the endless runner game category when you have to park your car nonstop on an endless road. The game takes you to many busy cities, crowded with crowds. Here, you can hardly find an empty parking space for your car when two sides along the road are two rows of cars that others have "flushed" before.

Drive along the busy street, when you see a spot on the side of the road you need to quickly park your car immediately. With the simple rules of the game, it is to park your car in the space, not to jostle the location of the car there, your goal in Drive and Park for iOS is to park a certain number of cars to unlock the level. new.

The car runs automatically and all you need to do is not have to drive a complicated car with multiple buttons to get back into the parking position as in Real Car Parking 2 or Coach Bus Simulator Parking for iOS, which Just touch the screen at the right time for the car to cross the roadside parking lot.

Conquer streets in different citiesMake enough cars on demand in each level to earn moneyUnlock a series of unique vehicles

Determining the exact time is key to completing the task in the game. By choosing the wrong time, your car will crash into another vehicle and of course it will attract the attention of the police. As a result, you are fined. If you miss a fight, do not worry. Many other positions are waiting for you ahead. Each time you park successfully, you get some bonuses.

Drive and Park iOS offers a huge collection of cars. Each car gives the player a different amount of money after successfully parking. You can get new cars by opening bonuses when you finish the game and using the money you earn or watch the video. Let tPass Drive and Park for iOS and demonstrate skills Vietnamese parking your super.

Key features of Drive and Park for iOS

  • Parking.
  • Earn potential.
  • Travel around the world and collect every car on each location.
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