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CNS Net is a free accounting software that fully meets the accounting profession, tracks receivables, payables and automatically calculates profit. Thanks to the use of modern technology, users can use it online or even without an Internet connection.

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CNS Net always follows the latest changes in the accounting and finance regime as regulated by the Ministry of Finance of Vietnam:

  • Circular 200/2014 / TT-BTC guiding the Accounting Regime.
  • Circular 133/2016 / TT-BTC guiding the accounting regime for small and medium enterprises.

Key features of CNS accounting software NET

Inventory management

  • Manage materials, goods, finished products in the form of trees, many levels.
  • Managed by many categories of commodities, commodities, many warehouses.
  • Check out the production slip for production, delivery note and other export.
  • Track the output of the finished product.
  • Tracking the output of inventory, goods, objects of debt.
  • Calculating cost of goods exported by the method: Average price, FIFO, LIFO ...
  • Monitoring both VND and foreign currencies.
  • Associate with Purchasing Manager, Inventory Manager, Sales Manager and General Accountant.

Accounting capital in cash

  • Keep track of cash, bank deposits and loans.
  • Issuance and management of vouchers, cash payments, advances and authorizations on computer.
  • Track payments by customers, contracts, invoices (purchase, sale, advance) ...
  • Keep track of the cash balance in cash, deposits at each account at different banks.
  • Track advance, pay back.
  • Monitored in VND and foreign currency.
  • VAT declaration when updating original documents.

Accounting for receivables

  • Track sales, customer receivables.
  • Track debt receivable by each customer, item, invoice, contract, ...
  • Track sales by items, groups of goods, objects of debt, agents, provinces, regions.
  • Monetary debt between the original currency and VND.
  • Automatically create and transfer accounting entries into the ledger.

Accounting for liabilities

  • Track purchases, pay debts to suppliers.
  • To monitor the import of materials, domestic raw materials and imported raw materials.
  • Track purchase costs, automatically allocate purchase costs for each item by value, quantity ...

Accounting for fixed assets

  • Tracking of fixed assets in terms of cost, depreciation, residual value, source of capital, part used, purpose of use, country of manufacture, date of putting into use ...
  • Track down the increase and decrease and the reason for increase or decrease of fixed assets.
  • Monitor the change of cost and use division.
  • Fixed asset depreciation.

Cost accounting, cost

  • Transfer, allocate costs and set product cost.
  • Cost collection by product.
  • As the price of the product.

General Accounting

  • Link data from all other modules.
  • Make adjustment entries, aggregate data.
  • Dealing with exchange rate differences, advance settlement, salary accounting, budget entries, automatic transfer at the end of period, periodic entries.
  • Profit and loss statement and financial statement.

In addition, the software also helps to create vouchers, closing accounting books, debt analysis, inventory analysis, inventory, integrated reports to help managers easily track and adjust in time when there are incurred.

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