Chicken for Symbian

Classic chicken shooter game on Java platform

Chicken for Symbian
  • mWork
  • 371 Byte
  • Symbian, Blackberry (Java)
  • Free
  • 10,770

Chicken for Symbian - Classic Chicken Shooter for Java

You are so familiar and passionate hours every day with the version of "Chicken" on the computer. Now you will have the opportunity to meet this attractive game with the mobile version.

For many years, chicken has been a favorite dish of human beings. The chicken is man-made enough to cook: roast, roast, stew ... Humans did not expect that one day they pay for those jobs.

Bắn gà for SymbianBắn gà for SymbianBắn gà for Symbian

A flying squad flying from a distant planet invaded the Earth, seeking revenge for their brethren who had been squashed by humans. This chicken arm is very dangerous, they hide out the current. Can you repel this invasion to save mankind from this scary revenge?

Bắn gà for SymbianBắn gà for Symbian

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