Cheat Engine 6.8

Software change game parameters

Cheat Engine
  • Dark Byte
  • 10,5 MB
  • Windows XP / Server 2003 / Vista / Server 2008/7/8 / 8.1 / 10
  • Free
  • 4,620,973

Cheat Engine is software that supports changing game parameters. Cheat Engine 6.8 is the latest version, much improved compared to the Cheat Engine 6.7, 6.6 and 6.5. Cheat Engine allows gamers to easily change offline game stats such as HP blood stats, scores, coins, diamonds, turns. In addition, Cheat Engine can accelerate the game to help gamers level up quickly.

Giao diện chính trong phiên bản 6.6 của phần mềm hỗ trợ chơi game Cheat Engine cho PC
Download and install Cheat Engine for PC to change gaming settings

Cheat Engine is extremely useful for gamers, helping them quickly achieve great results to show off their talents to other players. The latest Cheat Engine 6.8 adds more features than Cheat Engine 6.7, Cheat Engine 6.5 and Cheat Engine 6.4. If you're using a Mac, you can download the Cheat Engine for Mac right now.

Main Features of Cheat Engine

  • Ability to invade the memory of the game to change the parameters, game index.
  • Cheat Engine supports efficient gaming.
  • Change speed parameters to get the highest speed when playing games.
  • Does not affect the operation of RAM.
  • The process is fast, error free.
  • Cheat Engine is secure software that does not contain harmful computer components.
  • Simple interface, easy to use.

Change the values ​​in the offline game with the Cheat Engine

  • Edit : change the value
  • Deepfreeze : freezes the value - so that the fixed value does not change
  • Value is only increased
  • Value is reduced

Get Cheat Engine - a free game-playing app

With the Cheat Engine, gamers will make the game easier depending on their preference (eg try playing a game of up to 1 HP, you can increase to 100 HP), in addition Cheat Engine 6.7 also has other useful tools to troubleshoot broken games and normal game play.

Cheat Engine can interfere with the memory of the offline game that you need to change the data, and the memory hex will be hacking the game online.

Cheat Engine 6.6 (latest version) cheat engine fixes many bugs, adds new scans, enhances and changes the graphical user interface, Ultimap 2, the shortcut becomes Better yet, there are more programming options and more features. Compared with the old Cheat Engine 6.5, Cheat Engine 6.7 brings gamers an optimized gaming experience with higher performance.

Cheat Engine video tutorials with KingDom Rush

To use Cheat Engine , users need certain skills and knowledge. Another advantage of the application is the ability to speed up the game ... Cheat Engine runs on the Windows Task Manager , the ability to find fast parameters without affecting RAM.

Recently Cheat Engine has been updated to version 6.7. This release has added new Lua features, improved graphical user interface (GUI), code page scans, bug fixes, many more changes and additions. In addition, the Russian and Chinese versions have been updated.

Update Cheat Engine 13/11/2017: Can not run Cheat Engine

Some malware blocks the Cheat Engine exe file (such as file loss, file name check ...). If you are a victim of them, try the following tool to fix the installation for Windows:

Download Repair Tool

Cheat Engine Update 9/11/2017

  • Additional Spanish language interface

Some changes in Cheat Engine 6.7


  • Resolve a number of issues related to the DPI that arose at some point in time
  • Bug fixes all (ALL)
  • Simple values ​​have now been applied to the All type
  • Fixed a bug where the 0-terminator could not be added to the string while the option was set to add this
  • Fix the ultimap shortcuts
  • Edit ultimap2 filter
  • Changing the pointer in the address editor will not set or overwrite the memrec or address (it will now be saved on the computer).
  • Bug fixes that make sign display not work for some custom types.
  • Solves many problems related to Structure Spider
  • Fixed a bug where the 64 bit register in Tracer was truncated when double-clicked and r8 was renamed to r15
  • Fix the copy or paste feature in the scan value
  • Modify Kernelmode QueryMemoryRegions for Windows Build 1607
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Fixed bug with Lua access
  • Fixed text-to-speech conversion if launched from a Thread
  • Fixed a click error on the cells when the DPI metric
  • Resize counts the code found
  • Separate Cheat Engine engine when this software crashes or unexpectedly exits

Additions and changes:

  • Change the handle list and add an application view interface similar to Task Manager
  • There is a slight change in the way it is expressed in the first step of the tutorial
  • Added RLE compression (thanks to mgr.inz.player) and some other things to improve file size.
  • If set to name, then the name will also be displayed in the header (header)
  • The icon handler now has the ability to handle complex cursor annotations
  • Added support for ToPA systems for ultimap2
  • Added some time saved in memory history.
  • Many memory logs accompanying auto assembler scripts can now execute code in asynchronous form (right click and select "Execute asynchronous").
  • Writing or reading memory in kernel mode is now safer
  • Added the option of filtering out the readable paths while scanning the cursor
  • Added support for code page (codePage)
  • Added font / display options to multiple locations within CE
  • Added search / replace feature in script editors.
  • Now you can delete the addresses and reset the counters from the "Find what addresses this code accesses"
  • Adding status page to Hexview in memoryview
  • The Pointerscan feature for scanning hour values ​​has added results to the Overflow queue
  • Opening a file and changing the byte parameters no longer causes the file to change (you now have to manually save it).
  • Adds an option to the processing list to filter out system processes
  • Add a system that allows you to register a table (which may include a list of addresses or pointers to find new addresses) so that users know whether to trust the table.
  • Memory drop-down lists can now reference other things. Use the following entry text: (memoryrecorddescription)
  • Added option to notify users about new versions of Cheat Engine

The change in programming language Lua:

  • Custom Types can now be referenced from Lua
  • The assembled Lua now has access to "memrec" as the memory repository is executed. This value may not be
  • stringToMD5String now has support for strings that have 0 bytes
  • autoAssemble () also returns the disableInfo object as a second parameter. You can use this command to disable the script.
  • Add the Action and Value properties to MemoryRecordHotkey objects
  • Added screenToClient and clientToScreen for Control objects
  • Add readSmallInteger and writeSmallInteger
  • Add enableDRM ()
  • Add openFileAsProcess / saveOpenedFile
  • Add saveCurrentStateAsDesign to CEForm objects
  • Added disableWithoutExecute and disableAllWithoutExecute
  • Add the OnCustomDraw * events to the list
  • Add being / endUpdate to the Strings class
  • Added support for SQL
  • Additional color override feature for split text
  • Add OnPaint to the CustomControl class
  • Added autoAssembleCheck to test the syntax of an AA script
  • Fixed a bug where the address list returned 0 for PopupMenu (while the popupMenu was working properly)
  • More timeout options for pipes
  • Added some graphical options
  • Add a few low level system features

Giao diện phiên bản 6.7 của phần mềm thay đổi thông số chơi game Cheat Engine cho máy tính
Interface version 6.7 of the game Cheat Engine change software for the computer

Download Cheat Engine for free - The software integrates a smart memory scanner, which quickly scans many of the parameters used in the game and allows you to change them at will, incorporating system patches, graft, speed hack, live 3D engine, system monitoring tools and more.

Some players also combine Cheat Engine and Kemulator to interfere with games on the Symbrian line. And if you want to enjoy the game on the Android operating system, download the BlueStacks App Player to experience the popular game on the Android platform. After installing the game can easily play Android game on the computer and change the game parameters thanks to Cheat Engine.

For new users to download Cheat Engine for the first time, you can refer to the instructions provided with Cheat Engine in the program list after installation, at least install to step 5 to get the basics. Cheat Engine Cheat Engine.

Note: Cheat Engine is an open source software , so anyone can contribute to this program. Contact email [email protected] for assistance.

More infomation about Cheat Engine

Review Game Cheat Engine application support

Cheat Engine is a bit hard to use, especially for people who have little experience with games, programs and systems. The graphical interface of the Cheat Engine is simple, relatively easy to understand, but the values ​​shown on it are not universally understood.


  • Compact size (less than 10MB), installation is quite simple.
  • Compatible with many Windows versions (from Windows XP to Windows 8).
  • There is a Help section - the guide is relatively complete.


  • Only works with games that save data locally.

Summary, Cheat Engine is a powerful tool to support offline gaming on the computer, help the players easily master the game, comfortably show off achievements with other players!

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