Bkav Mobile Security for BlackBerry

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Bkav Mobile Security for BlackBerry
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Bkav Mobile Security is free antivirus software for mobile phones and tablets. Beside the free version, the free version of Bkav Mobile Security Pro is equipped with anti-theft technology (AntiTheft), access monitoring technology, block spam and block unwanted calls.

Main features of Bkav Mobile Security

Virus Removal (Antivirus)

- Real-time protection

- Free malware, spyware and Trojans.

- Use cloud computing technology, automatically update the new virus signature template.

- Supports periodic scanning at user's request (by date and by week).

Anti Theft

- Locate the stolen or forgotten phone.

- Locks the phone and removes emergency data remotely

- Detects if SIM card is changed.

- Activate a loud alarm to help you find your phone, even when the phone is in silent mode.

Backup & Restore (Backup & Restore)

- Securely back up your contacts, messages, call logs to the cloud or to a memory card.

- Recover your backed up data easily and quickly.

- Access data online by PC or phone from any location.

Block unwanted junk messages and calls (Call & SMS Block)

- Blocks junk and unwanted calls by phone number or a range of numbers.

- Block spam messages according to message content.

Supports flexible block mode such as not receiving missed calls in the phonebook at night, setting custom mode for workdays and weekends.

Privacy Advisor

- Scans and alerts the software that has access to private information on the phone such as contacts, messages, location ...

System requirements

• Software that supports devices running Android 2.1 and above
• The software requires 20 MB of RAM (at peak) to run
• Minimum configuration: 500 MHz processor

More infomation about Bkav Mobile Security for BlackBerry

Install Bkav Mobile Security

• You visit the website, click on " Download Software " in the upper right corner to download the " Bkav Mobile Security Beta.apk " file to your PC, put it on your phone's memory card and install it as Application installed from another memory card.

• After installing Bkav Mobile Security, launch the program. Enter the phone number of the machine just set Bkav to test program, then press the Test button.

• After successfully checking, you will need to have an internet connection to register your account (if you do not register an account, the features of the program will be limited). If you do not have an internet connection, the program asks if you want to set up the internet, click Yes to set up the internet.

• Once you have an internet connection, you need to register some important information for the program to work. The first is the password used by the program (Bkav recommends that you set strong password).

• The second is the backup phone number (this number is very important, must have, used in anti-theft feature, password recovery when forget, and must be the phone number you absolutely trust. ).

• Finally enter your email address. The installation was successful.

User manual

Virus removal

• Allows: Scanning for viruses, periodic scanning, updating virus samples, and viewing virus scanning logs

Block spam (messages and calls)

• Blacklist: The program will block and include in the spam log all messages or calls from phone numbers listed in this list.

Select the number from the call log or message: You click the phone number in the call log or click on the received message to add the number to the blacklist.

Remove phone number from the blacklist: You go to the blacklist, then click the phone number you want to remove to remove the phone number from the blacklist.

• Whitelist: The program will not always block all messages and calls from phone numbers included in this list. Adding or removing numbers from the whitelist works the same way as with blacklists.

• Block by message content: The program will block and post spam messages containing all of the words that you have added to the list. To add a word to the list, you can do the same with the blacklist.

• Block by time: Block calls by daypart (except for those in the whitelist) and only works on the day of installation.

Storage and data recovery

• The program allows to store important personal information (SMS, contact) of the user to the memory card or Online Server

• In case of loss of your computer, you can restore your data from the memory card or from the server.


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