Along Race: Super Speed ​​3D for iOS

Super exciting 3D racing game

Along Race: Super Speed ​​3D for iOS
  • HERO Game
  • Unknown
  • iOS 8.0 or later
  • Free
  • 812

Along Race: Super 3D Speed ​​for iOS - Super racing 3D racing game

Racing: 3D Speed ​​Racer for iPhone is the # 1 racing game currently available in Vietnam, of course at this time. Racing: 3D Speed ​​Racer for iOS is competing fiercely with the classic speed game ZingSpeed Mobile. Racing Game: 3D Super Speed ​​for iOS with carefully selected effects will give the player the most excitement in the race.

Colorful and impressive racing system in Racing: Super Speed ​​3D

When it comes to sports racing games, the first names to mention are Need for Speed, Asphalt 8: Airborne or Asphalt 9: Legends, but Vietnamese gamers are completely entitled to boast super. This car is by no means inferior to any game in the world with quality graphics and gameplay.

Interface preparation game

Game Alike: 3D Super Speed ​​for iOS with a new style of play How to chase the chase, we will increase the speed to participate in the screen chase. Not only that: Racing Speed: 3D Speed ​​for iOS is a combination of speed, sport and fashion to bring the game images extremely fashionable.

Racing cars in the Dua Sieu Toc Do 3D can be transformed

Race in the Racing: 3D Super Speed ​​for iOS takes place with the advent of the world's top supercar, the car itself and the powerful engine will bring players to the screen. Racing speed, excitement and excitement. Strenuous chills, dangerous bends and a top-of-the-line performance are only available in the most professional racers.

Character dress system

After each game we can upgrade the race car from the engine to the exterior to own a supercar to conquer every race. In addition, you can team up with friends to create a race to join the race to win the dramatic race and win.

One of the most beautiful race cars of the Super Speed ​​Racer

By playing the game every day you have the opportunity to open the magic box and take the terrible and valuable gifts. On each of the lanes we will be able to admire the beautiful natural scenery. We will gradually unlock all the maps in Same Race: 3D Super Speed ​​for iOS through each level. Download Racing Games: Super Speed ​​3D for iOS to get started on this exciting high speed race.

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