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  • GlassWire for Android
    • GlassWire for AndroidApplication management and monitoring data network
    • GlassWire is a handy phone management application that makes it easy to keep track of your mobile data usage, data limits and Internet activity, in real time.

    • 2,2 MB
    • 257
    • free
  • Debian noroot for Android
    • Debian noroot for AndroidInstall Linux for Android without rooting
    • Debian Noroot will install Debian Jessie on your phone with a compatible layer. This allows users to run Debian applications without rooting Android devices.

    • 19 MB
    • 256
    • free
  • Stick Nodes for Android
    • Stick Nodes for AndroidAnimated cartoon animation application
    • Stick Nodes is a simple and unique animated movie maker for mobile devices that lets you create cartoon characters as rods.

    • 13 MB
    • 316
    • free
  • Word Cloud for Android
    • Word Cloud for AndroidThe application creates a unique word cloud
    • Word Cloud is a unique art application that helps you create creative "word clouds" and use them for a variety of purposes.

    • 9,8 MB
    • 275
    • free
  • Easy Poser for Android
    • Easy Poser for AndroidMulti-angle 3D modeling application
    • EasyPoser is a unique multi-angle 3D graphic design application designed for professional artisans or beginners.

    • 47 MB
    • 112
    • free
  • Instaemojis for Android
    • Instaemojis for AndroidThe application creates unique emoticons and stickers
    • Instaemojis is an app that creates emoticons to decorate your photos and use them on social networking sites. With this application, users can create their own emoji and sticke!

    • 932
    • free
  • Nox File Manager for Android
    • Nox File Manager for AndroidMulti-utility Android file manager
    • Nox File Manager is a comprehensive file management application for Android devices. App can help users categorize, search and edit multimedia files easily.

    • 4 MB
    • 598
    • free
  • MetaMoJi Note Lite for Android
    • MetaMoJi Note Lite for AndroidAdvanced note application
    • MetaMoJi Note Lite is a high-end note-taking application that integrates many useful features such as drafting, voice memo, fast recording, handwriting into typed text, ...

    • 31 MB
    • 910
    • free
  • Hairstyles Step by Step for Android
    • Hairstyles Step by Step for AndroidBeautiful styling application for girlfriend
    • Hairstyles step by step is a step-by-step guide to hair styling, allowing users to easily make their own perfect hairstyle and fit.

    • 14 MB
    • 636
    • free
  • ClevCalc for Android
    • ClevCalc for AndroidThe best computer application for your phone
    • ClevCalc is the best PC application on an Android phone. It can help you calculate common calculations, convert units, currency, calculate gasoline for a car, even calculate the day for ovulation for women.

    • 837
    • free